Job vacancy for sabre coach: Fencing Singapore

Job Description

Reporting to the FS High Performance Committee (HPE), the National Weapon Coach will independently work with the FS High Performance Manager (HPM), FS National Partner Coaches (NPCs), FS Sports Medicine and Science Subcommittee, Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) and any official or Senior Management that Fencing Singapore may assign; and he/she is responsible for the following,

  • Developing and executing the annual periodization-cum-competition plan and multiyear strategic plan for Sports Excellence (Spex) Scholarship holders/candidates and/or a selected group of national fencers assigned by the FS High Performance Committee (HPE) and/or Executive Committee (EXCO). Hence, serving as the primary coach for this small group of selected national fencers, while working closely with their respective Secondary Coaches for backup, developmental and continuation reasons.
  • Developing and creating a collaborative and beneficial high performance training environment, programs and learning platforms for all national fencers and National Partner Coaches (NPCs) across the Senior, Junior and Cadet age groups. So that together with the HPM and NPCs, national fencers across all age groups could be better prepared and supported for the various major games each season.
  • Handling of administrative matters relating to local and overseas training and competitions.
  • Identifying and developing talent pipelines together with the HPM and NPCs across all age groups, which include candidates for future FS Olympic Pathway Program and Spex Scholarship intakes.
  • Reporting regularly to keep the FS High Performance Committee (HPE) and/or Executive Committee (EXCO) informed of updates and progress by providing the following,

- Rolling 2 months Training Plan for the National Training Squads and National Games Squads.

- Monthly reports on training schedules, post-trainings and post-competitions analysis, athletes’ progress, etc.

- Meeting the assigned national fencers, their parents/guardians (if a national fencer is a minor and/or fulltime student) and their Primary or Secondary Coaches (if any).

  • Assisting the HPM to plan, develop, implement and conduct coach education courses and development programs for FS, and integrating them with the national coaching standards (National Coaching Accreditation Programme or NCAP).
  • Assisting the FS Referee Commission with the development and/or execution of refereeing programs, courses and competition duties.

Qualification Requirements

  • Possess international fencing coaching qualifications recognised by FIE and/or have attended FIE coaching courses, and a university degree in Physical Education and/or Sports Sciences would be preferred.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding and sustained integration of Sports Medicine and Science knowledge/resources in the coaching and development of national fencers would be advantageous.
  • A thorough understanding of elite fencers’ developmental pathways, especially in relation to the development of talent and knowledge of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) would be useful.
  • Applicants should have at least 4 years of professional coaching experience with proven track records for national fencers across Senior, Junior and Cadet age groups. Those with experience in coaching national fencers at the World Cadet/Junior/Senior Championships and the Olympic Games would have an added advantage.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Applicants who can independently and effectively communicate in English would be preferred.
  • Excellent analytical, evaluation and planning skills would be advantageous.
  • High level of computer literacy would be preferred.

Interested and qualified candidates, please submit your detailed resume with a recent photograph, year of birth, mobile contact number, email and postal addresses, stating your academic and professional qualifications, coaching experience, spoken and written languages proficiency, current and expected salaries and benefits by 25th September 2016 (Sunday, 23:59 hours) to: fsgm@fencingsingapore.org.sg

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