Invitation to the Under 15 International Fencing Championships in Amman

Under 15 International Fencing Championships

Amman – Jordan

Foil-Epee-Sabre, Male – Female, Individual – Team

From 16/2/2015 to 18/2/2015

 The Jordan Fencing Federation will organize the Under 15 International Fencing Championships in Amman during the period February 16 to 18, 2015. This event will serve the future champions (under 15 years old) of the region and of the world as it will be organized annually.

The accommodation costs will be covered for three fencers from each federation; the participating federation must cover the rest of their delegation’s expenses.

1. Organizers:

Jordan Fencing Federation

Tel: +962 6 565 13 60 Fax: +962 6 565 13 61

Jordan Fencing Federation,

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

PO Box 960469, code 11196, AMMAN

E - Mail: jofenc@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.jordanfencing.net

2. Venues:

Jordan fencing academy

Address: Sport City, Amman, Jordan

Email address: jofenc@hotmail.com

3. Participation:

  • All countries, clubs and affiliates from around the world are welcome to participate.
  • The championship shall be conducted according to FIE rules. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the Rules, the most recent French version shall prevail.
  • However, the Director Technique reserves the right to decide, without right of appeal, on any issues not covered by the FIE rules or by these rules.
  • The championship will be conducted according to the following ages:

9-11 years old foil, epee, sabre, male and female

11-13 years old foil, epee, sabre, male and female

13-15 years old foil, epee, sabre, male and female

  • Each country is allowed to participate at the three weapons (epee, foil, sabre), male and female, with unlimited number of participants in individual events.
  • Each participant must print their country flag on their suit according to FIE rules

4. Accommodation & transportation:

  • Jordan fencing federation will pay for the accommodation of three fencers from each federation. The participant federation will cover the rest of delegation’s expenses
  • The organizing committee will be responsible for transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the venue and from the hotel to the airport.
  • The organizing committee is not responsible for the transportation of federations not using accommodation in the accredited hotels.

Sport City, Sport Palace, P.O Box: 960469 Amman 11196 – Jordan, Tel: +96265651360 Fax: +96265651361

Email: jofenc@hotmail.com , Website: www.jordanfencing.net  

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