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RIO DE JANEIRO - By the numbers for the fencing competition, which begins on Saturday 6 August at the Carioca Arena 3.

1896 - Men's individual foil and men's individual sabre are the only two current fencing events that were also contested at the inaugural Athens 1896 Olympic Games.

50 - Italy is two gold medals shy of becoming the first National Olympic Committee to win 50 gold medals in fencing.

27 - Only fencing, athletics, swimming and artistic gymnastics have been on the programme of all previous 27 Olympic Games.

25 - The age difference between the youngest and oldest winner in an individual event. Ramon FONST (CUB) won the gold medal in individual epee at age 16 years and 288 days at the Paris 1900 Olympic Games while Lucien GAUDIN (FRA) won the gold medal in the same event at age 41 years and 315 days at the Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games.

13 - Edoardo MANGIAROTTI (ITA) has won a record 13 medals in fencing (1936-1960).

7 - Aladar GEREVICH (HUN) has won a record seven gold medals in this sport (1932-1960).

6 - GEREVICH is the only Olympian to have won the same event six times - men's team sabre.

5 - Valentina VEZZALI (ITA) who retired as an athlete in 2016, has won five medals in women's individual foil. She is one of four athletes to have won a medal in an individual event at five Olympic Games, together with Ralf SCHUMANN (GDR/GER, shooting 25m rapid fire pistol men), Michal MARTIKAN (SVK, canoe single, C1, men) and Ryoko TANI (nee TAMURA) (JPN, judo women's 48kg).

3 - The generations of the MONTANO family to have won Olympic medals in men's sabre: Aldo MONTANO (ITA, born 23 November 1910) in 1936 and 1948, his son Mario Aldo MONTANO (ITA, born 1 May 1948) in 1972, 1976 and 1980 and his grandson Aldo MONTANO (ITA, born 18 November 1978) in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

2 - Nedo NADI (ITA) and his brother Aldo NADI (ITA) are the only two fencers to have won gold in all three weapons: foil, sabre and epee. Both won gold in the three team events in 1920 and Nedo added gold in individual foil (1912, 1920) and sabre (1920).

1 - Ruben LIMARDO GASCON (VEN) became the first South American athlete to win a fencing gold medal at the Olympic Games when he won men's epee individual at London 2012.

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