International Fencing Federation Statement

The International Fencing Federation (FIE) has consistently exercised a zero-tolerance policy to any cases of doping. The FIE has always strictly complied with any and all anti-doping rules and regulations established by the International Olympic Committee and WADA.

Following the decision of the IOC Executive Board of July 24, 2016, the FIE has re-examined the results from 197 tests taken by Russian athletes in 35 countries, including Russia, between 2014 and 2016. They were all negative.

In accordance with the request of the IOC Executive Board, the FIE has established a pool of Russian fencers eligible for the Rio Olympics. It consists of all 16 fencers who have qualified for the Games, plus the four P-accreditation (reserve) athletes.

Furthermore, under the authority of the FIE and overseen by PWC, 24 Russian fencers, including the 16 who had qualified for Rio, were tested during the 2016 European Championships in Torun, Poland, June 20-25. All 24 samples returned negative results from an independent externally-appointed laboratory in Dresden, Germany.

The FIE will continue to work with the IOC and WADA to protect the integrity of fencing, one of the original five Olympic disciplines, preserving its reputation as a Clean Sport.

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