FIE Anti-Doping Education Outreach – Bourges (France) - 2016

BOURGES, France (June 16) - The 2016 anti-doping outreach program took place during the Junior and Cadet World Fencing Championships in Bourges from 2 to 6 April 2016, providing an ideal opportunity to share information and educational material with young fencers and their entourage from many different countries.

The outreach stand was kindly made available near the main entrance to the fencing venue by the French Fencing Federation’s local Organising Committee.

Many Cadet and Junior fencers (as well as some coaches) participated in the computer-based WADA “Play True” Quiz game which traditionally forms the backbone of this outreach event.

We are grateful to the FIE for making available substantial cash prizes for the winners of the daily “Lucky Draw” competition, which plays an important role in encouraging the young fencers to participate.

Fencers from 59 different countries played the Quiz and took the opportunity of discussing doping issues with us.

Each fencer and coach who played the educational Quiz game was also given the very popular “USB” wrist-band which contains a wealth of up to date informative documentation, including a copy of the Quiz game itself, some anti-doping videos, and educational pamphlets designed by WADA for this purpose.

Altogether 350 participants (306 fencers, 36 coaches, 8 officials) took part in this successful Outreach programme.

The fencers were expressly encouraged to copy and share the information with their fellow fencers, coaches and officials on their return home, thereby helping to spread the anti-doping message throughout the fencing world.

We were particularly fortunate to share the floor with staff from the International Fair Play Committee, enabling our two organisations to collaborate closely and work towards a common goal by promoting the ideals of sportsmanship and doping-free competition.

We anticipate holding a similar anti-doping Outreach project, together with Fair Play International, during the 2017 Junior and Cadet World Fencing Championships.

Dr Clare Halsted

Dr George Ruijsch van Dugteren

(FIE Anti-Doping Commission)

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