Get creative! Submit a photo, win a fencing mask! #EscrimeCreative

LAUSANNE (May 18) – Calling all fencing fans: Submit a photo, win a fencing mask!

The International Fencing Federation is teaming up with the world’s leading manufacturers to run a fantastic social media competition ahead of the Olympic Games.

The FIE asks fans to share their love for the sport by posting creative photos of fencing in their community, neighborhood, local club, etc.

Entries should be submitted to the FIE’s Facebook page or to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #EscrimeCreative. Submissions should include information on where the photo was taken and a line on what fencing means to you.

Those in need of inspiration need look no further than Nathalie Moellhausen:

Photos will be accepted until Monday June 20th and the winner will be announced in the Olympic day June 23rd. The winner will be determined by the greatest number of shares/likes. In the event of a tie, the FIE reserves the right to decide the winner.

The winning entry will be published in Escrime 96, the official FIE digital magazine, and the winner will receive a fencing mask. There may be more than one winner.

The FIE values its social media fans as an important factor in popularizing the sport of fencing, as they share their passion for the sport with millions of people around the world.

Fencing fans can connect with the FIE on the following social media accounts:

Youtube - facebooktwitterInstagramgoogle+

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