The Finalists and Medal ceremonies of the Qatar Fencing Grand Prix

The qualifying competitions for the prestigious Qatar 2014 Fencing Grand Prix were held at the Aspire Academy last Friday, while the finals took place at the Gate Mall over the weekend.

The Qatar Fencing Federation (QFF) has been organizing the Grand Prix since 2005 in accordance with the Federation Internationale D’Escrime (FIE).

2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix Men's Epée Medal Ceremony:

The gold medallist for the Qatar Grand Prix 2014 was Jerent Daniel of France with a win over Borsky Peer of Switzerland at The Gate Mall (Salam International). The Gold Medal was presented to Jerent Daniel by the Chairman & CEO of Salam International, the Gate Mall Mr. Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa.

1st (gold) - Jerent Daniel /France

2nd (silver) – Borsky Peer /Switzerland

3rd (bronze) – Garozzo Enrico / Italy

3rd (bronze) – Grumier Gauthier / France

2014 Qatar Fencing Grand Prix Women's Epée Medal Ceremony:

There was a fantastic turnout at The Gate Mall where the spectators witnessed some of the best epée players in fencing. Gherman Simona of Romania was able to establish and keep her lead and eventually take the gold. Congratulations to Simona and also to all the athletes that participated in the Fencing Grand Prix women's epée event in Doha this year.

1st (gold) - Gherman Simona / Romania

2nd (silver) - Kirpu Erika / Estonia

3rd (bronze) - Del Carretto Bianca / Italy

3rd (bronze) - Szasz Emese / Hungary

Some Romanian fans celebrated with a group of young fans and wanted to take a picture with Gold Medal winner Simona Gherman as they carried the Romanian flag behind them. Congratulations to the Romanians in their celebration of Simona's victory; the last time Romania won the Gold medal in Qatar was in 2009 with Ana Maria Branza. 

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