Navarria and Grumier win World Cup épée competitions in Barcelona and Heidenheim

The women’s épée events, held in Barcelona, Spain, saw Italy’s Navarria Mara take the victory in the women’s event against Rembi Lauren of France by securing the individual event. Mara had won the Fencing Grand Prix one month ago in Doha, Qatar.

Mara Navarria edged out her rival by 13 hits to 12, with the bronze medal places taken by Romania’s Popescu Ana Maria and Shutova Lyubov of Russia.

In the women’s épée team event, Estonia beat Russia 26-22 in the final match, with Korea taking the bronze medal after beating China 23-22.

The men’s épée event was held in Heidenheim, Germany and saw épée World Number One fencer Grumier Gauthier of France defeat Ukraine’s Nikishin Bogdan 15-14 in the individual event.

France’s Lucenay Jean-Michel and Avdeev Anton of Russia, took the bronze medals.

Italy came out on top in the men’s épée team event and got their tickets for Rio 2016. In a close encounter, they beat France 40-39, with the bronze medal going to Switzerland after they beat Ukraine 45-29.

Women's épée finals, Mara Navarria (ITA) vs Lauren Rembi (FRA)

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photo © Augusto Bizzi

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