Fencing World Cup - Women’s épée in Barcelona – Men’s épée in Heidenheim, 22-24 January 2016

The women’s épée World Cup hits Barcelona this weekend, as the FIE and the Spanish Fencing Federation come together to organize both individual and team events. With less than 200 days to go until the Rio Games, 237 epee fencers will be seeking to improve their prospects for Olympic qualification at the Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya (INEFC), a venue built for the 1992 Summer Games.

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Meanwhile, the German Fencing Federation has the honor and pleasure of welcoming 306 fencers from 52 countries to Heidenheim to participate in the Men’s épée World Cup for the individual and team events. The competition venue is the Congress Centrum, Hugo-Rupf-Platz 1, in Heidenheim. Competition in both countries starts Friday.

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