Seminar on the organisation of Major Events for the Chinese Taipei Fencing Association

On 9 December of this year, the Chinese Taipei Fencing Association invited Ms AO Jie, Deputy Sport Director of the FIE Sport Department, to lead a seminar on the organisation of international fencing competitions. The aim of the seminar is to ensure that organisers are as prepared as possible for the 'Universiades' competition due to take place in Taipei in 2017.

Around twenty people attended the seminar, including the President of the Chinese Taipei Fencing Association, Ms Jui-Yin Jao, her Vice President, Mr Yu De Tsai, her General Secretary, Ms Monica Ho, Competition Manager for fencing at the Universiades 2017, members of the organising committee, various department managers and the Chinese Taipei Fencing Association administrative manager.

Ms AO Jie explained the different preparation phases involved in the organisation and roll-out of competitions. She used photos to help explain and facilitate understanding of technical and regulatory points. There was also a Q&A part of the seminar where participants were able to raise questions or doubts they had about different areas, an opportunity which was widely appreciated.

After the seminar, Mr Yu De Tsai, Vice-President of the Chinese Taipei Fencing Association, expressed his satisfaction with being able to benefit from the seminar prior to the next 'Universiades' competition. Things are now clear and the course of action clearly laid out. The Chinese Taipei Fencing Association will now be able to work together with the organising committee, the FISU and the FIE as productively as possible. For this, Mr Yu De Tsai thanked the FIE for sending Ms AO Jie to deliver the seminar.

Additionally, the General Secretary, Technical Director, President of the refereeing Commission and the Presidente of Directoire Technique of HongKong Fencing Assocaition also participated in the seminar. They found the seminar particularly interesting and useful as it will no doubt help them in their roles as the organisers of the Senior Asian Championships in 2017.

Feedback from the seminar has been more than satisfactory and the lessons learnt will certainly prove very beneficial to the participants.

AO Jie

Deputy Sport Director

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