As announced during the FIE 2015 Congress in Guangzhou, the FIE Executive Committee took a decision regarding the situation of the Kuwait Fencing Federation, following the suspension of the Kuwait National Olympic Committee by the IOC. 

In accordance with articles 1.2.8 and 2.1.1 of the FIE Statutes, the Executive Committee has decided to suspend the Kuwait Fencing Federation, pending a further decision by the IOC. 

This suspension also applies to the referees of the Federation. 

However, further to discussions with the IOC, the FIE Executive Committee, decided to authorise the Kuwaiti athletes to take part, under the FIE banner, in competitions under the aegis of the FIE. 

Therefore, the name of the athletes and the acronym “FIE” must appear in the back of their fencing jackets. The national colours will be those of the FIE and not the Kuwaiti colours.

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