The Inalpi Trophy - the FIE GRAND PRIX in men’s and women’s foil scheduled in Turin for 27 to 29 November, which was introduced this morning at the City of Turin Sports Council – is the fourth consecutive annual encounter between Turin and the foil. Since last year the Turin competition has become the FIE Grand Prix which this year is further enhanced by being valid for qualification for the Rio 2016 Olympics. But that is not all: ‘Six years ago, the Marchesa Fencing Academy took up the challenge which year after year has been put down by the International Fencing Federation and by the Italian Fencing Federation’, says Michele Torella, President of the Inalpi Trophy Organising Committee and of the Marchesa Fencing Academy, the organisers, ‘until we reach the FIE Grand Prix, to which is added this year the European Cup for team events, scheduled for Monday 30 November, again at the PalaRuffini[1]. It may be said that from being the European Capital of Sport, over the next few days Turin will become the international capital of fencing; on 25 and 26 November athletes from the German team (captained by blues trainer Andrea Magro), and the US and Japanese teams will be training at the Marchesa Fencing Academy. And, thanks to the support of the Regional Department of the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research, the European Cup will be watched by many students from the schools attending the competitions. All in all, a great fencing event, which will also offer a unique opportunity to see some of the world foil champions in person.’

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‘Fencing opened and fencing will close the year of Turin European Capital of Sport 2015’, stated Stefano Gallo, sports advisor to the City of Turin. ‘On 27 November at the Teatro Regio, in the presence of the mayor Piero Fassino, we will bring the event to a close by illustrating the benefits it has brought the city, due to the international competitive events which previously existed in our area but particularly due to those which have been introduced or which have grown in size, as is the case of the FIE Grand Prix which has brought in a men’s competition in addition to the traditional women’s competition.’

‘The Piedmont Region has always supported the Inalpi Trophy by means of sponsorship and a financial contribution because we have always believed in it, and we still do’, added Gian Maria Ferraris, sports advisor to the Piedmont Region; ‘it is not easy for a region to host such a high-quality sporting event.’

Representing the President of the Italian Fencing Federation Giorgio Scarso, who is currently attending a worldwide conference in South Korea, Member of the National Council Alberto Ancarani stated, ‘The Federation has made a significant commitment to Turin, by entrusting it with a stage which is important at European level and internationally. The competition in Turin awards higher scores and therefore is a serious step towards qualification for Rio 2016, where there will be no team events, and so the qualifiers will be determined by their individual ranking. It will therefore be a competition of a very high level in which absolutely nothing can be taken for granted. We are particularly grateful to Turin; it’s not in every Italian city where the Federation organises competitions every weekend that you find such interest in fencing from the general public, rather than just the participants.’

Closing the proceedings, Inalpi Marketing Director Matteo Torchio stated: ‘For four consecutive years, Inalpi has believed in the success of this event, and will continue to believe in it if Marchesa Fencing Academy is again awarded the competition in future.’


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[1]PalaRuffini: abbreviation for Palazzetto dello Sport Parco Ruffini, an indoor sports arena in Turin.

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