Central America and Caribbean countries hold fifth School Sports Games, with fencing on the schedule of events

Central American countries from the shores of the sunny Caribbean Sea and the Caribbean Islands took part in the event.

Countries such as Venezuela, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico made up CONCECADE, the Central American and Caribbean Council of Sport.

The council views these games as the ultimate expression of sports, and for the fifth time, put on the Central American and Caribbean School Sports Games (JEDECAC), in the city of Mérida, in the province of Yucatán in Mexico. The event featured 20 sports, including fencing.

Youth from the ages of 13 to 17 took part in the fencing trials, which were held from 15 to 19 November 2015, in individual, team and relay modes.

A total of 13 gold medals were at stake at the event, with Mexico taking 12, as well as 3 silver and 6 bronze. Venezuela came in second place with 1 gold medal, 9 silver medals and 5 bronze medals. Puerto Rico took third place with 1 silver medal and 6 bronzes.


The final in Women’s Sabre was between two Mexicans, with Diana González edging out Natalia Botello 15 to 13. In the men’s, it was Mexico again at the hands of Ramón Gonzáleztook who first place beating Edgar Carbajal 15 to 9.

The épée finals were also between Mexican competitors. In the women’s event, Frania Tejeda beat her compatriot Joselyn Cruz 15 to 9. In the men’s, Aldo Sánchez beat his colleague Juan Carlos 6 to 5.

In foil, Lydia Casillas from Mexico took on Anabella Acurero from Venezuela and won the final 15 to 13. The men’s foil final was between two Venezuelans, with Derwuin Sánchez taking Rogers Romero 15 to 11.
Mexico took first place in the women’s and men’s sabre team trials, with Venezuela and Guatemala taking silver and bronze, respectively.
In Women’s Épée, Mexico took the gold, Venezuela took the silver, and Puerto Rico took the bronze. In Men’s Sabre, Mexico took the gold, Venezuela took the silver, and Puerto Rico took the bronze.
In Women’s Foil, Mexico took first place, Puerto Rico took second, with Venezuela coming in third.
In the final trial, the countries competed in relay, with Mexico again taking gold, Venezuela taking silver, and Puerto Rico bronze.


Individual Women’s Sabre

1. Diana González MEX 2. Natalia Botello MEX 3. Yuelvis Martínez VEN 3. Katherine Paredes VEN

Individual Men’s Sabre 

1. Ramón González MEX 2. Edgar Carbajal VEN 3. Mauricio Peraza MEX 3. Fernando Romero MEX

Individual Women’s Épée 

1. Frania Tejeda MEX 2. Joselyn Cruz MEX 3. Daniela De la Torre MEX 3. María Ramírez MEX

Individual Men’s Épée 

1. Aldo Sánchez MEX 2. Juan Carlos Lizarraga MEX 3. Jorge Díaz MEX 3. Gabriel Tabasta VEN

Individual Women’s Foil 

1. Lydia Casillas MEX 2. Anabella Acurero VEN 3. Sara Contreras MEX 3. Gabriela Padua PUR

Individual Men’s Foil

1. Derwin Sánchez VEN 2. Rogers Romero VEN 3. Yordi Brusco VEN 3. Diego Cervantes MEX


Team Women’s Sabre

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Guatemala

Team Men’s Sabre

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Guatemala

Team Women’s Épée 

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Puerto Rico

Team Men’s Épée 

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Puerto Rico

Team Women’s Foil 

1. Mexico 2. Puerto Rico 3. Guatemala

Team Men’s Foil 

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Puerto Rico

Mixed Relay 

1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Puerto Rico

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