A New Era, And Look, For USA Fencing

Today is the beginning of a brand evolution for USA Fencing. Over the past several months, USA Fencing has worked diligently with the marketing committee and the board of directors to refresh the identity of the association, and the sport, so they can reintroduce their mission to the world.

The result of this hard work is a new character and personality for USA Fencing that builds upon a solid foundation of many years, and positions us to grow our sport in the future. A new logo and tagline are at the forefront of this evolution, developed through careful research, planning, execution and feedback from committee members, athletes and various stakeholders from throughout USA Fencing. Overwhelmingly, USA Fencing new look was met with enthusiastic acceptance, and it is exciting to roll this out to you and to the world today.

Through these efforts, USA Fencing is looking to spark enthusiasm with existing fencers, reach new athletes and introduce them to the sport we love, and broaden the sport’s impact around the nation. Accompanying the new logo is a new tagline: Engage. Engage is a multidimensional message that evokes the energy, determination and humanity of fencing, the spirit it moves within us and our shared commitment to broaden the sport’s impact. They are also seeking to interact more with you and foster two-way dialogue at events, on USA Fencing social media channels and in our member clubs. Overall, the new identity is an invitation for those not as familiar with our sport to take a look and engage.

Now, a logo and tagline does not make a brand. USA Fencing brand is what you think of the association and the direction they are taking. It is USA’s fencing hope that you feel a sense of excitement and optimism that the sport of fencing is headed in the right direction. Read More

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