Euronews and the International Fencing Federation announce World premiere partnership

During the annual congress 2014 of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) in Rome, Alisher Usmanov, President of FIE and Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews group, announced an historic collaboration agreement to promote the broad scope of fencing disciplines and championships to Euronews upmarket audience with a worldwide geographical spread.

The multi-lingual, multi-cultural news channel Euronews, which can be viewed on-air and on multiple digital devices, identifies by its unique diversity. A diversity driven by the 30 nationalities of its journalistic staff as well as through the variety of themes covered and broadcasted in 13 languages.

Diversity also is the guideline for the channels sports-coverage. Through its partnership with Sportaccord announced earlier this month, as well as the collboration with the FIE, Euronews becomes the first TV news-channel to cover the diversity of all the sports.

Under the current three-year partnership with the FIE, Euronews will, amongst others, feature to the public images and highlights of the FIE international events. Special reporting of competitions will find its natural place within the Channel’s Sport bulletin, on-air and on digital outlets.An advertising campaign is also part of the agreement.

Euronews and the International Fencing Federation propose a dynamic sports coverage, including all fencing disciplines and competitions worldwide, to be aired in 13 languages on Euronews.

Alisher Usmanov, President of FIE declares: «Fencing is a multi-faceted sport, which demands not only concentration and discipline, but also a sense of honour as well. It is what our world needs today. Fencing has a huge legacy, and, I am convinced that it should be shared with millions of people, in particular with the younger generation. So we are eager to promote fencing highlights to a wide audience. I think that the FIE’s partnership with Euronews, one of the most popular TV channels in the world, will assist us in achieving our long-term goals.”

Michael Peters, CEO, Euronews, declared: "It is an honor to have the opportunity to offer a premium visibility to the members of the International Fencing Federation and to all Fencing disciplines. Committed to diversity, we are dedicated to all the sports and will continue to broaden our sports programs in the future, both on-air and on a broad range of digital devices. "

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