Establishing the Olympic sport of fencing in Mauritius

Veena Gunput from Mauritius (MRI), a member of the FIE Women & Fencing Council, initiated activities leading to Mauritius's first participation in an FIE competition three years ago. Together with Mrs Aarti Descann, now The President of the Mauritius Fencing Federation and with support of the National Olympic Committee, Veena has worked on establishing the Olympic sport of fencing in Mauritius, a country with no previous history of fencing. 

Fencing is now taking shape, with National Championships held recently covering under 13s right the way through to Seniors. The Mauritian representative of Men's Epee has participated in a number of FIE competitions and was a quarter finalist at The 11th African Games in Brazzaville two weeks ago. Allez L'Ile Maurice!

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