FIE Women & Fencing Council influencer of young people in Florida

Dr. Stacey Johnson, Chair of the FIE Women & Fencing Council, uses her years of fencing administrative experience to now help her lead two college campuses and more than 24,000 students, 700 faculty and 1,200 staff at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

“The experience and training I garnered working with U.S. Fencing, The U.S. Olympic Committee and the FIE have helped prepare me for the world of work in higher education. Knowing how to prepare and to deliver when the time comes are skills that I learned while competing and later honed as an administrator in sport. Those skills are transferable to helping others achieve their educational dreams and in supporting the faculty and staff as we work together as a team in service to students. I hope too that as I work with the FIE Women & Fencing Council that we can move the inclusion of women in our sport further ahead!” 

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