2015 Asian Championships in Singapore

The Asian Championships took place from 25th to 30th June 2015 in Singapore. Cambodia participated for the first time in these Championships, given their significance for qualifications to the next Olympic Games in RIO. The number of participants broke all records (356 athletes, 81 teams from 27 countries, all weapons combined). This is very auspicious for the development of fencing in Asia.

Only two weeks after organising the 2015 SEA Games, the Fencing Federation of Singapore returned to organising the 2015 Asian Championships. Everything was done to ensure better compliance with FIE rules (EnGarde, Fencing Vision, and Saint-Georges for the results system, video-refereeing, and signalling devices). As a consequence, the competitions went smoothly.

In individual competitions, six gold medals went to China, South Korea, and Japan for the women's sabre, which was a great surprise, given that the Chinese sabre fencer SHEN Chen defeated KIM Jiyeon, 2012 Olympic Champion, to then win the title against AOKI Chika of Japan. In the women's and men's épée, the Chinese épée fencers XU Anqi and Jiao Yunlong triumphed in the final, defeating the Koreans CHOI Injeong and PARK Kyoungdo, respectively. In the women's and men's foil, the Koreans JEON Hee Sook and KIM Junghwan easily won the two finals against their compatriots NAM Hyun Hee, 2008 Olympic vice-champion in Beijing, and GU Bongil, the current leader of the FIE rankings. In the men's foil, OTA Yuki, of Japan, fought a great match in the final against the Korean SON YoungKi. At the start of the match, even though he was led by 3 hits, he was able to change his tactics and accelerate the rhythm of combat, overcome the difference, and finally win the final. His classical technique, his fencing style, as well as his experience on the piste were impressive. The level of the 6 finals was extremely high.

In the team competitions, South Korea sweepingly won 4 gold medals (women's and men's sabre, women's foil, women's épée). China won one gold medal in men's foil, and Kazakhstan triumphed in men's épée, winning the first title in its history, and breaking the hegemony of the "great nations", such as China, Korea, and Japan, who've always monopolised the gold medals. Congratulations to Kazakhstan.

In addition to the medal-winning nations listed above, Iran and Hong Kong also won bronze medals during these Championships, a great performance for their countries, given that the level of the finals was comparable to the World Championships or the Olympic Games.

During these Championships, the ambassadors of Japan, South Korea, Australia came to attend the competitions and encourage their athletes. Dr. DAYRIT Celso, President of the Asian Confederation, was present for the entire duration of the Championships. Mrs. SEOW Juliana, President of the Fencing Federation of Singapore, Mr. KWONG Francis Yat Ping, Vice-President of the Fencing Federation of Singapore, had a great contribution to the smooth running of these competitions, from the beginning until the end of the Championships. Their professionalism and devotion, as well as their contribution were important factors for the successful organisation of these Championships. The Technical Director, the Refereeing Delegate, all referees, as well as the volunteers did a great job, with great spirit of team work, efficiency, and friendship.

The 2016 Asian Championships will take place in China.

AO Jie 

Deputy Sport Director


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