FIE opens bidding process for the next Olympic cycle and future World Championships

Busy time at the International Fencing Federation, where, at the eve of the World Fencing Championships, 2 calls for bidding are being launched these days. The first concerns the official competition calendar of the new Olympic cycle after Rio (2016-2020). The architecture of the proposed calendar retraces the current one, tested for the first time in the season 2014-2015 after the radical reform led by the Secretary General Frédéric Pietruszka and supported by the FIE Executive Committee in 2013. The main element of novelty concerns the senior world cup circuit: women’s and men’s competitions at a same weapon will not be aligned during the same week-end, but staggered: a sign of attention addressed to the NF having a single coach training men’s and women’s team.

NF have one month time to send their applications (till the 31st of July). After the screening of the applications received, the final proposal will be debated by the FIE Executive Committee in September.

See more: application form

At the same time, a call for biddings was launched on the 22nd of June for the following championships:

  • JC world championships 2017
  • JC world championships 2018
  • Senior world championships 2018

See more: letter by the FIE Secretary General

We remind that at the last congress in Rome the following competitions were allocated:

a) Bourges (FRA) 2016 Junior and Cadet World Championships,

b) Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 2016 Team World Championships.

c) Leipzig (GER) 2017 Senior World Championships.

d) Limoges (FRA) 2015 Veteran’s World Championships.

e) Stralsund (GER) 2016 Veteran’s World Championships.

f) Maribor (SLO) 2017 Veteran’s World Championships.

The final outcome of both biddings will be submitted to the next FIE Congress, scheduled at the end of November. 

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