Women's epee and Men's sabre, Baku 2015 European Games

Fencing began today at the 2015 1st European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, featuring women’s epee and men’s sabre and some of the world’s finest athletes competing. The day began with women’s epee pools, with strong showings from Finland, Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, and Italy. In the end, two Romanians – Ana Maria Branza and Simona Gherman – made the semi-finals along with Russia’s Yana Zvereva and Estonia’s Erika Kirpu. The final took place between Branza and Zvereva, with clean, well-timed actions and excellent blade-play by these world-class epeeists, and making for a graceful and almost dance-like final for the audience to enjoy.

Men’s sabre, being the powerhouse event that it is, also delighted the audience here at Baku’s Crystal Hall, with all four semi-finalists taking advantage of the entire strip for their shows of swordsmanship and sheer strength. The semi-finals featured Italy’s Alberto Pellegrini and Luigi Miracco, Ukraine’s Yogodka, and Romania’s Tiberiu Dolniceanu, with the final taking place between Andriy Yogodka and Dolniceanu. The Ukrainian took the gold medal, and Romania won the medal count for the evening with one gold, one silver, and one bronze.

A great beginning for the first night of this first-ever event!

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