South-East Asian games in Singapore from 5th to 16th June 2015

The South-East Asian Games (SEA Games) were held in Singapore from 5th to 16th June 2015. As part of these games, the fencing competition was organised from 3rd to 7th June. Ten countries of the eleven possible for this event participated in the events with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar who were participating for the first time.

At least 250 athletes, of all weapons, participated in various competitions demonstrating the strong development of fencing in this South-East Asian region.

In terms of results, Vietnam dominated these games, with 8 out of 12 gold medals (men’s and women’s singles and team in sword fighting, women’s and men’s singles and team in saber fighting). The host country, Singapore, won 3 gold medals in women’s singles and in teams and in men’s singles in foil sports. Thailand won a precious gold medal in men’s singles in foil sports. Apart from these three nations, the delegations of Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia fought for the silver and bronze medals.

Despite their lack of practice and competitions, shooters from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar demonstrated great technical skills and indicated good results for the next edition of these games.

Many personalities graced the finals with their presence, including the Minister of Sports of Singapore, President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of Vietnam and Mr. Cerlso Dayrit, President of the Asian Fencing Confederation. Their presence was a great encouragement to the athletes.

The Government of Singapore, Organising Committee of the South-East Asian Games and the Fencing Federation of Singapore have made the necessary efforts, especially during the 50th anniversary of this State to ensure an excellent level of organisation. The experience gained with organising the Youth Olympic Games 2010 was very useful and strongly contributed to the quality and success of these events. The processes were modelled on those of the Youth Olympic Games. The video referring system was used from the rounds of pools, the results system was managed by Atos, and signage and display board were provided by Escrime Technologies, supplier of Saint-Georges devices.

A special mention for lighting on the 4 colour tracks and the podium set up and managed by a local expert, a former national team fencer. The result was spectacular and higher than that obtained in JOJ 2010.

A team of skilled volunteers worked continuously during the competitions. Mr. Kim Chang Gon (Korea), member of the Refereeing Commission of FIE managed all the referees, appointed by their delegation, along with 3 neutral referees from Germany, Kuwait and Hong Kong. Three people, including 2 women, nominated by the Asian Fencing Confederation, formed the Technical Management Board.

The organisation of the South-East Asian Games 2015 in Singapore was a great success and all the participants highly appreciated the work done in organising the events and development of fencing in this region.

The next South-East Asian Games will be held in 2017 in Malaysia.

AO Jie

Deputy Sport Director

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