Last day of competitions, Montreux Fencing European Championships

A complete success

The European Championships in Montreux have been a major success. Swiss Fencing has left a positive impression, both in the sports and organization field.

The best results of the Swiss came from the men’s epee team, just as it had been anticipated. Max Heinzer won the silver medal in the individual competition, the team followed-up with bronze. “Two medals, this is a very good result for a small federation like ours”, Olivier Carrard, president of Swiss Fencing and the Organizing Committee, said during the press conference on the final day of competition.

Of course, the second medal could have shown even brighter if the team had been able to convert the clear lead versus Estonia into a qualification for the showdown. However, the reaction in the bronze medal match was simply remarkable. “They have handled the disappointment very well and regrouped. This was very important, like that they also amassed additional important points in view of the qualification to the Olympic Games”, Sophie Lamon said, the sport manager at Swiss Fencing and operative leader of the Fencing Euro. Moreover, Benjamin Steffen and Peer Borsky have sent out strong signs for the next months. Steffen proved to be in great shape and Borsky that he can be a valid substitute anytime. The team does no longer consist of only three men. “This is also a strong message to the opponents”, Lamon acknowledged.

The first major event in Switzerland since the World Championships 1998 in La Chaux-de-Fonds had also been a challenge for the Organizing Committee. A relatively small core team, consisting of fencing experts and some external staff, has done a great job. “We have got plenty of positive feedbacks from the federations, delegations and athletes”, a happy Carrard stated, who could also confirm that the budget of 1,3 million Swiss francs is likely to be kept.

With the faultless organization, Swiss Fencing and the Organizing Committee have made best publicity for their own cause. Despite this success, Carrard doesn’t know yet whether Swiss Fencing will aspire to host World Championships in the foreseeable future. “First, we need to breathe deeply. Then, we will sit together in the next months and have a look which plans the key persons all have for the next years. Anyway, we would have to think thoroughly before we decide to run, because it’s not an easy task at all.” 

The Italian women in foil (versus Russia) and the German men in sabre (versus Italy) took the last titles. Both saw off their opponents with the slightest of differences. The Germans even staged a comeback from 42-44 down. The Italians still finished atop the medals table with 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze. 

© Augusto Bizzi

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Men's sabre team - Women's foil team finals

Last winning points from the last Gold matches of the Fencing Euro 2015! Champions were Germany on Men's sabre team and Italy on Women's foil team with both final scores 45-44 against their opponents! <3 Read all about it here: bit.ly/1C2trSI#FencingEuro2015 #best #fencing #teams #roadtorio

Posted by FIE - International Fencing Federation on Friday, June 12, 2015

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