Rio 2016 Press Accommodation Deadline

It is the last week to submit your accommodation requests. You have until 31 May 2015 to request accommodation, after this date Rio 2016 cannot guarantee accommodation in the Rio 2016 Press Accommodation allocation. Rio 2016 may start the allocation process and get back to you with your accommodation reservation details by end of June 2015.

For Rio 2016 accommodation, you can submit your top three choices online (following the link under the Press Accommodation tab on the extranet). The Press Accommodation guide can be found on the Rio exchange extranet, with detailed descriptions of the accommodation available for the Press.

If you have made your own accommodation arrangements and are not planning on requesting accommodation through the Press Accommodation allocation, we kindly ask you to send to Rio 2016 an email and copy and paste the following into the subject line ‘Not using Rio 2016 Accommodation´.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with Rio 2016 at pressoperations@rio2016.com

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