Pan American Olympic Qualifier Finishes in Costa Rica

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica, April 5-7, 2024 – The Pan American Olympic Qualifying Tournament has finished in San José, Costa Rica, resulting in the qualification of six men and women in epee, foil and sabre for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The winner of each individual event will be eligible to compete in Paris 2024. The tournament took place at the Eddy Cortez National Gymnasium.

Women’s Epee. Peru’s Maria Luisa Doig Calderon won the women’s individual epee event, with 15 fencers competing. Doig Calderon faced Canada’s Ruien Xiao in the final bout, winning with an 8-7 score. In the semifinal round, Xiao won against Argentina’s Isabel Di Tella, 9-8, while Doig Calderon defeated Paraguay’s Montserrat Viveros, 15-12.

Men’s Epee. Canada’s Nicholas Zhang won the men’s individual epee event, with 17 fencers competing. Zhang faced Brazil’s Alexandre Camargo in the final bout, winning with a 15-14 score. In the semifinal round, Camargo won against USA’s Jonas Hansen, 13-7, while Zhang defeated Chile’s Pablo Nunez, 15-9.

Women’s Foil. Brazil’s Mariana Pistoia won the women’s individual foil event, with 14 fencers competing. Pistoia faced Venezuela’s Isis Gimenez in the final bout, winning with an 11-10 score. In the semifinal round, Gimenez won against Mexico’s Alely Hernandez, 10-15, while Pistoia defeated Colombia’s Tatiana Prieto, 15-8.

Men’s Foil. The U.S. Virgin Islands’ Kruz Schembri won the men’s individual foil event, with 13 fencers competing. Schembri faced Mexico’s Diego Cervantes in the final bout, winning with a 15-13 score. In the semifinal round, Cervantes won against Chile’s Leopoldo Alarcon, 15-10, while Schembri defeated Puerto Rico’s Cesar Colon Lopez, 15-10.

Women’s Sabre. Venezuela’s Katherine F. Paredes Torres won the women’s individual sabre event, with 15 fencers competing. Paredes Torres faced Cuba’s Leidis Maris Veranes Mustelier in the final bout, winning with a 15-10 score. In the semifinal round, Veranes Mustelier won against Maria Belen Perez Maurice by default after a medical withdrawal, while Paredes Torres defeated Dominican Republic’s Heddys Valentin, 15-13.

Men’s Sabre. Mexico’s Gibran Zea won the men’s individual sabre event, with 13 fencers competing. Zea faced Puerto Rico’s Rafael Western Reyes in the final bout, winning with a 15-12 score. In the semifinal round, Western Reyes won against Venezuela’s Eliecer Romero, 15-12, while Zea defeated Colombia’s Sebastian Cuellar, 15-7.

Final rankings in women’s epee included Maria Luisa Doig Calderon (PER, gold), Ruien Xiao (CAN, silver), Isabel Di Tella (ARG, bronze), Montserrat Viveros (PAR, bronze), Analia Fernandez (CHI), Lizzie Asis (VEN), Maria Fernanda Morales (MEX) and Karina Dyner (CRC).

Final rankings in men’s epee included Nicholas Zhang (CAN, gold), Alexandre Camargo (BRA, silver), Pablo Nunez (CHI, bronze), Jonas Hansen (USA, bronze), Jesus Andres Lugones Ruggeri (ARG), Leandro Sauri (MEX), Arturo Isaac Dorati Ameglio (PAN) and Vicente Antonio Rojas Cruz (NCA).

Final rankings in women’s foil included Maraian Pistoia (BRA, gold), Isis Gimenez (VEN, silver), Alely Hernandez (MEX, bronze), Tatiana Prieto (COL, bronze), Yasmin Campbell (JAM), Athina Gonzalez Ciavarella (ARG), Ariana Belen Fuentes Henriquez (ESA) and Valentina Olivera (URU).

Final rankings in men’s foil included Kruz Schembri (ISV, gold), Diego Cervantes (MEX, silver), Leopoldo Alarcon (CHI, bronze), Cesar Colon Lopez (PUR, bronze), David Ospina Ladron De Guevara (COL), Augusto Antonio Servello (ARG), Cesare Aguirre (VEN) and Cristian Porras (GUA).

Final rankings in women’s sabre included Katherine F. Paredes Torres (VEN, gold), Leidis Maris Veranes Mustelier (CUB, silver), Maria Belen Perez Maurice (ARG, bronze), Heyddys Valentin (DOM, bronze), Karina Trois (BRA), Julieta Toledo (MEX), Jessica Yolima Morales Linares (COL) and Eileen Grench (PAN).

Final rankings in men’s sabre included Gibran Zea (MEX, gold), Rafael Western Reyes (PUR, silver), Sebastian Cuellar (COL, bronze), Eliecer Romero (VEN, bronze), Henrique Garrigos (BRA), Guillermo Maclean (URU), Lukas Eichhorn (PER) and Cristoher Elias Cortez Yancosek (ECU).

Complete and official results for this event may be found here on the FIE web site. For more exciting world fencing news and features, check out the YouTube FIE Fencing Channel.

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