FIE Coaching Academy in Johannesburg Announces 2023 Graduates

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Dec. 11, 2023 – The FIE Coaching Academy in Johannesburg has completed its 2023 class, with six graduates finishing the year-long course with examinations taking place on Nov. 10 and 17. A graduation ceremony was held on Nov. 18, awarding FIE Academy SA diplomas and presenting FIE Coaching Masters Certificates. Students also receive ETA college diplomas.

The Academy originally had 13 student candidates from seven countries, ultimately hosting (after some withdrawals) the six who took the entire course and all of whom graduated. They included the following students, two women and four men:

  • Jayson Kamua (KEN)
  • Ruth Kapisa (UGA)
  • Phetho Mashiane (RSA)
  • Charles Mutagwanya (UGA)
  • Aphiwe Tuku (RSA)
  • Patrick Wanyoike (KEN)

Since the Academy started in 2018, 46 have participated in the programme. Only 2 (two) students did not graduate in the 2020 class, as they left South Africa when the COVID-19 lockdown was introduced.

The Academy includes two integrated courses of study, organised in English (lecturing and literature):

  • College programme for a higher certificate in coaching science in collaboration with the Exercise Teachers Academy – ETA College (www.etacollege.com)
  • FIE programme for fencing coaching
  • The FIE-recognised Fencing Coaching Diploma.
  • A Level 5 internationally recognised college qualification, providing opportunities for employment as physical education teachers and gym coaches

The college programme included multiple subjects with relevant modules throughout the course, including the following:

  • Sport coaching philosophy
  • Special needs and mental skills
  • Health and safety – moral, legal, social, health and financial aspects of sport and recreation
  • Sport team management
  • Exercise science:
    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Applied Kinesiology and training methods
    • Human body development
  • Coaching planning
  • Training methods
  • Sport-specific screening, testing and assessments

Based on these two integrated programmes, students who successfully graduate receive two diplomas:

The Fencing Academy is organized at the Tyshler Fencing School (TFS), a permanent fencing venue at the Randburg Sport Complex, next to the ETA College. Teachers and presenters for the Academy included Dr. Gennady Tyshler, a lecturer for all three weapons (Ph.D. in pedagogy and sport science); Dr. Mikhail Galukhin, visiting lecturer (Ph.D. in sport science); and Dr. Alek Movshovitch, external consultant (Professor of Physical Education).

The Fencing Academy programme was prepared by Dr. Tyshler and Dr. Movshovitch in 2017. It is based on a total of 460 hours, including 38 hours of theoretical lessons, 364 hours of practical lessons, 58 hours of individual coaching work and two hours of examinations.

As part of the programme, a one-week armourer course was also held in September, led by presenter and trainer Mr. Gilles Martinage, armourer for the French Fencing Federation.

Each Academy student is fully sponsored by the FIE, including the following benefits:

  • Return airline tickets
  • Appropriate health insurance during their stay at the Academy
  • ETA College annual fee
  • Fencing programme annual fee
  • Accommodations (double occupancy)
  • Monthly allowance for food, pocket money and sanitary expenses
  • Local transportation in Johannesburg
  • Required books and equipment for each student at the start of training
  • Specialised courses (armoury, physiotherapy, first aid etc.)
  • Set of coaching equipment for each student upon graduation

The full curriculum of the 2023 FIE Coaching Programme in Johannesburg may be found here.

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