Weapons Repair Course Held at FIE Coaching Academy in Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Oct. 4, 2023—A fencing weapons repair course took place at the FIE Coaching Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, from September 18 to 22, 2023. Six attendees from three Africa nations participated (South Africa, Kenya and Uganda). Mr. Gilles Martinage (FRA) presented and led the event.

Topics for the course included the following areas of concentration:

  • An overview of electrical signalling systems, covering installation, connections and complete system checks (cables, reels and the piste)
  • A general review of electrical science: open and closed circuits, resistance, continuity and insulation
  • Specific technical information for all weapons, including the electrical circuits of foils and epees
  • Identifying and localizing various failures throughout global systems, from the weapon to the scoring machine
  • Fitting weapons with new blades: length adjustments for handles, bending blades, connecting wires and complete checks
  • A detailed look at epee and foil tips: How to adjust them, working with weights and springs and how to identify and fix various weapons failures following a complete check
  • A review of rewiring foil and epee blades
  • Managing and organising weapons control at events: A review of the rules, how to organise and important safety considerations

The topics covered included theoretical and practical elements and included recalls in connection with FIE rules.

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