Fencing for the Planet – First Annual Celebration

LAUSANNE, Switz., March 20, 2023—“Fencing for the Planet”, an FIE global environmental initiative, will officially be celebrated for the first time on Saturday, April 8.

The programme, which is taking place in compliance with FIE statutes and approved by the FIE Executive Committee (COMEX) in May 2022, will take place annually on Saturday of the second weekend in April. It aims to encourage the global fencing family to join in the celebration with local and national initiatives and actions to benefit and protect the environment. The various activities around the world will be presented and shared on FIE social media.

The FIE created a working group to oversee and drive the Fencing for the Planet programme, led by COMEX Vice President Ana Irene Delgado Guerra (PAN) and including members of FIE Commissions and confederations. The group includes subgroups addressing issues including policies, donations, guidelines for participation, and publicity.

“We want to increase awareness among fencing athletes of living with the environment, and the FIE is encouraging everyone in the global fencing family to take actions and truly make a difference”, said Ms. Delgado Guerra. “Whether its reducing plastic use in competitions, such as by using refillable water bottles, reducing unnecessary travel, or engaging in projects to help the environment such as planting trees and collecting rubbish on beaches, there are so many ways in which we can all help make our planet more sustainable. As fencers, we must take responsibility at all levels to support and participate in whatever we can do to help, and Fencing for the Planet is a call-to-action for everyone to become involved.”

Fencing for the Planet is providing ideas at many levels to inspire fencers, coaches, clubs, and federations to take part. This includes group actions such as car-sharing to events, beach cleaning, and tree plantings; corporate actions such as installing water refilling stations at competitions, working with energy suppliers who use renewable resources, organising educational activities focused on sustainability and environmental protection for all levels of stakeholders, prioritizing vendors who limit plastic use, and appointing local and regional ambassadors to take the lead in inspiring fencers and clubs to take action. At an individual level, every member of world fencing can lend a hand in many ways, such as using reusable shopping bags, purchasing second-hand clothing and products, minimizing electricity use, recycling trash and using compostable products.

“We are creating a sustainability framework for the FIE”, said Ms. Delgado Guerra. “We have a great team and we are all dedicated to Fencing for the Planet make a true difference in improving our world.”

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