Documentary Film About Aron Szilagyi Wins International Film Award

LAUSANNE, Switz., June 18, 2022—A Hungarian documentary about three-time Olympic champion Aron Szilagyi (HUN) has won the silver prize in the AIPS (International Sports Press Association) Media Awards in the “Video Athlete Profile” category. The event, which honours the best sport documentary films, audio, writing and photography journalism from around the world from more than 100 countries, took place on June 12 in Doha, Qatar at the Khalifa International Stadium. At the same time, the film also won the “Best Documentary Film of Hungary” award at the Hungarian Film Days.

Titled “One for All”, the documentary was directed and produced by Andras Pires Muhi, and follows Szilagyi for five years in his pursuit of what no other male fencer has achieved: Three Olympic gold medals. During that time, the filmmaker was an “invisible shadow” for Szilagyi, filming all aspects of the athlete’s life, including the wins and losses, the incredible effort it takes to become an Olympic fencing champion, and insight into his personal life—all the way to Szilagyi achieving his ultimate goal of three Olympic medals.

More about the AIPS awards may be found here, and an AIPS press release about “One for All” may be found here.

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