International sabre fencing camp 2015, summer 22-31 July Athens

Fencers who love fencing and want to improve their level of technique and their way of playing but first of all to have a great experience they have they opportunity to join the International Sabre Camp.

The camp is located in the area of Athens (Pallini) in the Costeas-Gatonas IB World School facilities in a marvelous natural environment. Athletic facilities as swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, track & field, football and basketball fields, with daily access. The program is residential with special organised rooms of 4-5 athletes. All trainings will be held at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.

General Program

One day in sabre camp doesn’t only include fencing trainings but also a big variety of activities. During the camp, fencers will visit the sea, enjoy cinema, participate in organised games, play in the swimming pool and many other activities. Daily we will organise double trainings with specific targets having also theoritical and tactical lessons. During the week, athletes will visit Acropolis and the historical centre of Athens. At the end of the week they will have a big fencing competition between all the participants. One big farewell party ceremony will close the day and next morning after breakfast the campers will check out.

Technical Program

The complete training program includes individual exercises specifically for the fencer’s age according to his/her level. Through the trainings participants will discover the enjoyment of fencing, they will become more effective and they will learn to combine four major key words : Play, Practice, Improve, Grow.

Theory Lessons

During the camp, participants will have the chance to follow several « seminars ». Seminars will provide the opportunity to explore topics by discussion, and to identify and sort out many « fencing » issues. Topics like nutrition, sport psychology, physical preparation and many others will become closer and more familiar to the athletes.

Tactical Program

The program is targeted to improve the participants’ skills through exercises and games. The coaches of the camp will analyse their strategies and techniques of modern fencing.

Under the directions of professional educations and coaches the team of sabre camp will help fencers get in mental and physical shape of competitive fencing.

Living together with kids for 24 hours per day requires a careful mix of sports and social feedback support to them.

Health and safety of the camper sis the number one priority. A medical team will be at their disposal for any case.

The camp is led by experienced professional including educators and specialised staff who excel in their professional fields. The team includes enthusiastic and dedicative persons with creativity being fully experienced with kids/atheles.

10 days fee includes :

  • 3 meals per day plus snacks
  • accommodation
  • internal transportation
  • 24-hour supervision from specialised personnel
  • health insurance and medical support
  • complete training program – double trainings per day
  • excursion in the sea
  • visit the centre of the city, Acropolis
  • Animation activities
  • Sport seminars
  • Diploma

This is the first step to join the Camp

The sooner your reservation is made, the sooner the camp organisers will confirm your participation.

For the booking the contact person is Mr. Niko Psychas who will provide you with all the necessary information to complete your reservation form.

e-mail : isabrecamp@gmail.com , mob. +306936139304, fax : +302106030570

For your confirmation-activation of your reservation you have to send to the camp organisers the following documents :

  1. Application form
  2. Medical document allowing the participation to sport activities
  3. Bank transfer of the deposit with the name of the athlete

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