Are you our new elite performance manager and foil coach?

Fencing club Trekanten is a progressive and innovative fencing club and we are looking for a new combined elite performance manager and foil coach to step in after our current manager/coach who will be leaving for the United States in July.

About the position

The vacant position consists of two tasks: one is the elite performance manager and the other is the foil coach.

Elite performance manager

As an elite performance manager, you will work closely with the head coach Mr. Malte Trier Mørch, the club's elite committee, the club’s management, the other coaches and with the parents of the young talent / elite fencers.

The elite performance manager has the following tasks in the club:

Individual conversations with the fencers in the talent / elite group.

Be the primary liaison between the fencers and the head coach, the board etc.

Season planning.

Ongoing follow-up throughout the season with the fencers.

Brief and debrief in connection with rallies.

Administrative assignments, entering fencers for competitions, updating results and briefing partners.

Organization and management of the club's other offers to the talent / elite group, which i.e., accommodates mental training, physical training, physiotherapy etc.

Collaborate with important partners such as Team Copenhagen, which is the organization that financially supports the elite work in Copenhagen sports clubs and the Danish Fencing Federation.

Foil coach

In close collaboration with our head coach, you will work to implement and reach the sports goals for the talent/elite group in collaboration with the other resource persons connected to the talent/elite program.

Other tasks are:

Planning and executing the training sessions together with the head coach and running these alone when the head coach is absent. Expected number of lessens given each day: 10-12.

Post competition and training video analysis of talent/elite fencers

Joining our fencers at tournaments around the world, amongst others cadet circuits and bot junior and senior world cups.

Plan and run our winter camp and participate in planning and running our summer camp, and other relevant workshops during the season.

Working hours are primarily afternoon / evening (16:00 – 21:00), however, administrative work can be done during the day. You are expected to participate in relevant network meetings, courses, etc.

About us

Fencing club Trekanten is situated in the capital of Copenhagen, Denmark. Rooted in the Danish tradition for creating associations built upon voluntary work, the club has evolved to become the largest and one of the most successful fencing clubs in Denmark,.

Today, the club has around 300 members distributed on all age groups and levels. Our sessions are running throughout the week on all weapons, and we teach in both Danish and English. On the talent/elite level, our club is the main provider of fencers for the national teams on foil.

The setting is international, and the tone is informal – everyone should feel welcome and at home when training with us. We have our own facilities with 10 permanent strips, strength & conditioning room, lounge area with TV, kitchen, and a common work area with free Wi-Fi.

“Dedication” is one of the primary values of Trekanten and it transcends into everything we do. We support all our athletes in becoming as skilled and successful as possible. We also make sure that all our coaches receive state of the art - high level education in fencing, physical training, and teaching.

In addition to training sessions, we also host international competitions and annual camps.

About you

We expect that you possess a high level of technical and strategic fencing skills and that you have documented experience as a coach. Ideally, you yourself have had a successful international fencing

career behind you. This is however not an ultimate requirement.

You must be structured and organized and a good communicator. You must be able to communicate your visions and the deeper sense of the different training activities in order to enhance the fencers understanding of fencing.

You must be curious of exploring new training ideas and defining new structures for these in order to implement.

The languages of the club are Danish and English. You do not have to be able to speak Danish, but you must be able to express yourself very well in English in both writing and speaking. You must be willing to learn Danish and participate in language classes.

How to apply the position

Send your motivated application and CV to Catharina Winterberg (board member and responsible for the recruitment committee). Mail: Catharina.winterberg@trekanten.org.

If possible, please also send link to video of you giving lessons or other relevant training sessions so

that we can get a sense of how you train others. If you do not have video to send then please describe your training session i.e. via a week program.

If possible, please also send link to video of you giving lessons or other relevant training sessions so

that we can get a sense of how you train others. If you do not have video to send then please describe your training session i.e. via a week program.

Deadline for the application is 23rd of May 2022.

If you are selected, we set up a virtual meeting. Next step will be a visit to our club where you will run different training sessions, give lessons to talent/elite fencers and finally an interview with the recruitment committee.

Start of the position: September 1, 2022. If possible, we would like you to join our summer camp in the beginning of August.

If you have questions

You are welcome to contact: President Mrs. Lene Jensen e-mail: lene.jensen@trekanten.org and head coach Mr. Malte Trier Mørch e-mail: mtm@trekanten.org.

Visit our website: https://www.trekanten.org/ or find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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