Hungary Wins Double Gold at Budapest Sabre World Cup

BUDAPEST, Hungary, March 18-20, 2022—Hungarian three-time Olympic champion Aron Szilagyi won the individual gold medal and Hungary took the men’s team gold at the Budapest Men’s Sabre World Cup. Specifically named the “Gerevich-Kovács-Kárpáti” Individual World Cup and “Zarándi Csaba” Team World Cup, the overall event included 204 individual fencers and 23 teams and took place at the City’s BOK Hall (formerly SYMA Hall).

Szilagyi faced Italy’s Luca Curatoli in the final match for the gold medal of the individual men’s sabre event, winning with a 15-7 score. In the semifinal round, Curatoli beat Korean world champion Sanguk Oh, 15-8, while Szilagyi defeated Korean world champion Junghwan Kim, 15-14.

In the men’s team sabre event, Hungary won the gold medal against France in the final round, 45-38. France beat Germany in the semifinals, 45-40, while Hungary defeated Romania, 45-30. The bronze medal went to Germany over Romania, 45-43.

Final rankings for men’s individual sabre included Aron Szilagyi (HUN, gold), Luca Curatoli (ITA, silver), Junghwan Kim (KOR, bronze), Sanguk Oh (KOR, bronze), Bolade Apithy (FRA), Luigi Samele (ITA), Daryl Homer (USA) and Matyas Szabo (GER).

Final rankings for men’s team sabre included Hungary (gold), France (silver), Germany (bronze), Romania, Korea, USA, Italy and Iran.

Complete and official results for the event may be found here on the FIE web site. For more exciting world fencing news and features, check out the YouTube FIE Fencing Channel.

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