Argentine Fencing Federation Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, July 16, 2021—The Argentine Fencing Federation today celebrated its 100thanniversary. In the last century, the federation participated in all Olympic Games in which the Argentine Olympic Committee had an official presence, as well as in all Pan American and South American Games.

“We commemorate our great fencers, teachers and leaders who have enhanced the prestige of our federation, not only with results but with their presence in all areas where our sport is promoted”, stated the federation in an official announcement.

The Argentine Fencing Federation was formed on July 16, 1921, as an initiative of the Jockey Club with the support of multiple clubs: Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires, Club of Progress, Military Circle, Naval Center, C.O.R. Hue Gem Club, Circulo de Armas, Jockey Club de Rosario, Jockey Club de Mendoza, Club Social Parana, Club de Gymnastics y Esgrima La Plata, Club Social La Rioja, Jockey Club de Córdoba, Club Social de San Juan, Club de Gymnastics y Esgrima de Rosario, Club de Gymnastics y Esgrima de Mendoza, Club Argentino de Bahía Blanca and Jockey Club de la Plata. Clubs from six of Argentina’s 23 provinces and the autonomous Ccty of Buenos Aires were involved in its foundation. Its first president was the eminent fencer Oscar Viñas.

The federation celebrated the centenary privately due to pandemic restrictions but promised to celebrate it again “in style”, when it is again possible to gather to share anecdotes and memories forged on the piste.

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