Zhong Challenge International School Fencing Tournament in Beijing

BEIJING, China, June 20, 2021—The 11th Zhong Challenge International School Fencing Tournament took place in Beijing, China on June 19 and 20. The event drew 407 fencers from 14 provinces in China and including 19 different ages groups. Chinese Olympic champions Lei Sheng, London 2012 men’s foil gold medallist, and Zhong Man, Beijing 2008 men’s sabre gold medallist, were invited to the event as special guests.

The competition is a Chinese Fencing Federation “C-level” event, and fencers participating and earning points were then eligible to take part in future Chinese A-level competitions.

Organisers were especially careful to host the event following rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with tournament areas separated from parents and other attendees.

The Zong Challenge International School Fencing Tournament is a unique public fencing event in China, and the hosts work under the direction of the Chinese Fencing Federation to ensure the best-quality organisation and optimal conditions and logistics to optimise a good experience and platform for young fencers.

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