Epee Referee “Get Ready for the New Season” Training Continues


For immediate release: 9 May 2021

The EFC’s referee training seminar series, which began in September last year, continued today with the third group of eleven epee referees. The group were getting their first experience of working with some of the highest level FIE referees.

Following the format now familiar, the delegates were put through a theory test followed by practical session analysing videos from recent high level international fencing tournaments.

EFC Vice-President, Nikolai Mateev hosted the seminar and was joined by referee mentors, Ambre Civiero, Matthias Henkelmann and Mihail Paghiev who provided their expert opinion throughout.

Speaking about the continuation of referee training, Mateev said, “These online training sessions have proved more successful than we could ever have imagined. Whilst this initiative was provoked by the global restrictions on travel, it is something that we will continue long into the future. How far we take it will be up to us, our brilliant mentors and the continued demand we have had from all of our member countries.”

In total three groups of epee referees will enjoy two sessions each over the coming weeks.


The EFC continue to provide full support to the FIE in these challenging times.

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