Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Europe Finishes in Madrid

LAUSANNE, Switz., April 26, 2021—The Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Europe has finished in Madrid, including six individual events that took place on April 24-25 for men and women in epee, foil and sabre. The winners of each event were Jakub Jurka (CZE, men’s epee), Olena Kryvytska (UKR, women’s epee), Alexander Choupenitch (CZE, men’s foil), Martyna Jelinska (POL, women’s foil), Iulian Teodosiu (ROU, men’s sabre) and Anna Bashta (AZE, women’s sabre). The competition took place at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Marques de Samaranch.

In men’s epee, Czech Republic’s Jakub Jurka won against Sweden’s Jonathan Svensson in the final match, 15-8. In the semifinal, Svensson beat Estonia’s Sten Priinits, 15-12, while Jurka beat Poland’s Radoslaw Zawrotniak, 15-11.

In women’s epee, Ukraine’s Olena Kryvytska won against Germany’s Alexandra Ndolo in the final match, 15-12. In the semifinal, Ndolo beat Belarus’ Katsiaryna Pasharneva, 15-9, while Kryvytska beat Great Britain’s Susan Maria Sica, 15-5.

In men’s foil, Czech Republic’s Alexander Choupenitch won against Cyprus’ Alex Tofalides in the final match, 15-6. In the semifinal, Tofalides beat Ukraine’s Klod Yunes, 15-12, while Choupenitch beat Serbia’s Veljko Cuk, 15-9.

In women’s foil, Poland’s Martyna Jelinska won against Spain’s Maria Marino in the final match, 12-9. In the semifinal, Marino beat Israel’s Nicole Pustilnik, 15-12, while Jelinska beat Sweden’s Ester Schreiber, 15-10.

In men’s sabre, Romania’s Iulian Teodosiu won against Ukraine’s Andriy Yagodka in the final match, 15-11. In the semifinal, Yagodka beat Great Britain’s William Deary, while Teodosiu beat Türkiye’s Enver Yildirim, 15-3.

In women’s sabre, Azerbaijan’s Anna Bashta won against Germany’s Anna Limbach in the final match, 15-13. In the semifinal, Limbach beat Bulgaria’s Yoana Ilieva, 15-10, while Bashta beat Poland’s Sylwia Matuszak, 15-11.

Final rankings included the following:

Men’s Epee

1st Jakub Jurka (CZE)

2nd Jonathan Svensson (SWE)

3rd Radoslaw Zawrotniak (POL)

3rd Sten Priinits (EST)

5th Yuval Shalom Freilich (ISR)

6th Yulen Pereira (ESP)

7th Asterios Tsokas (GRE)

8th Frederik Von Der Osten (DEN)

Women’s Epee

1st Olena Kryvytska (UKR)

2nd Alexandra Ndolo (GER)

3rd Katsiaryna Pasharneva (BLR)

3rd Susan Maria Sica (GBR)

5th Paula Jukic (CRO)

6th Anna Kun (HUN)

7th Jana Grijak (SRB)

8th Emma Poghosova (ARM)

Men’s Foil

1st Alexander Choupenitch (CZE)

2nd Alex Tofalides (CYP)

3rd Klod Yunes (UKR)

3rd Veljko Cuk (SRB)

5th Michal Siess (POL)

6th Alexander Tsoronis (DEN)

7th Martino Minuto (TUR)

8th Cedrik Serri (SVK)

Women’s Foil

1st Martyna Jelinska (POL)

2nd Maria Marino (ESP)

3rd Nicole Pustilnik (ISR)

3rd Ester Schreiber (SWE)

5th Hanna Andreyenka (BLR)

6th Yasmin Campbell (GBR)

7th Andrea Bimova (CZE)

8th Kateryna Chentsova (UKR)

Men’s Sabre

1st Iulian Teodosiu (ROU)

2nd Andriy Yagodka (UKR)

3rd Enver Yildirim (TUR)

3rd William Deary (GBR)

5th Inaki Bravo (ESP)

6th Arne De Ridder (BEL)

7th Ivan Mandov (BUL)

8th Andri Nikolaysson Mateev (ISL)

Women’s Sabre

1st Anna Bashta (AZE)

2nd Anna Limbach (GER)

3rd Sylwia Matuszak (POL)

3rd Yoana Ilieva (BUL)

5th Teodora Kakhiani (GEO)

6th Caitlin Maxwell (GBR)

7th Deniz Selin Unludag (TUR)

8th Bianca Pascu (ROU)

Official results and information may be found on the FIE Web site at www.FIE.org/competitions.

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