“Get ready for the new season” continues with epee


For immediate release: 20 April 2021

The EFC’s referee training seminar series, which began in September last year, resumed yesterday with the start of training for epee referee. After the success of the sabre and foil seminars the intention was always to complete training for all weapon referees and sessions in the immediate future will be focused on epee.

The amended format meant a shortened technical quiz was followed by the new lecture-element of the project. As always, the session ended with a lively debate whilst reviewing hits made at recent major championships.

EFC Secretary General, Jacek Slupski, who hosted the first epee seminar said, “We have now begun working with our epee referees, meaning that we have parity across all three weapons. The success we have had so far has been all about the inclusion of our experienced referees and the desire of our young referees to be ready for the new season.”

Referee mentors, Ambre Civiero, Matthias Henkelmann and Mihail Paghiev ran the first session and will continue the latest phase of training early next week.


The EFC continue to provide full support to the FIE in these challenging times.

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