FIE’s refereeing commission member Ferjani joins EFC referee training programme

For immediate release: 12 January 2021

FIE Refereeing Commission Member, Salah Ferjani was the latest guest to join EFC referee training programme yesterday.

Echoing the sentiments of his colleague, Irina Knysch, who presented a previous seminar, Ferjani emphasized the need for referees to know the rules of their weapon and how to interpret them, whilst founding their work on integrity and honesty.

Speaking after the seminar, Ferjani said, “These seminars are very important for training and updating knowledge both theoretically and practically. Understanding the level of the group that is being trained is key because there will be a difference in the methods applied for young referees compared to those more experienced. Success is also based on interaction. The more the delegates participate in the discussion and ask questions the better each seminar will be.”

Looking ahead, Ferjani also discussed the development of the project. “Theoretical training and the application and interpretation of the rules is so important. In practice the use of videos showing high level offensive and defensive actions, from senior international competitions is ideal. The refereeing delegates must practice the skills they learn here at their own national competitions (when restrictions allow).”

Concluding, he added, “You must enjoy your refereeing, make sure you understand the rules and watch how top referees officiate. Always ask questions if you are unsure, stay honest and only give a decision when you are sure about what you are saying.”

EFC Vice-President, Nikolay Mateev, who is one of the architects of the project, said,

“On behalf of the EFC, I would like to thank Mohamed El Motawakel, the President of FIE Refereeing Commission, Irina Knysch and Salah Ferjani for the cooperation and their participation in our seminars. Having these high-profile guests attend our seminars is very beneficial for our young referees and shows that the FIE pays much attention to the development of the young referees worldwide.”

The project will continue in the coming weeks with training being expanded to different groups across the sabre and foil.


The EFC continue to provide full support to the FIE in these challenging times.

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