Men's sabre and Women's foil, Pan American Championships in Santiago

Third day at the 2015 Senior Pan American Fencing Championships, USA seems to dominate the podiums.

In the final of Men's Sabre , Eli Derschwitz (USA) defeated his compatriot Daryl Homer. On the other side, in the women’s foil finals, Lee Kiefer (USA) won over Nicole Ross (USA). In both finals comebacks almost happened. Both Homer and Ross were down by large margins but managed to bring the score back to even.

The semi final with Lee Kiefer against Van Ervan Garcia (COL) was very close as well - a thrilling victory. Lee Kiefer ran away with her semi.

Pan American Championships Individual Women’s foil

  1. Kiefer Lee (USA)
  2. Ross Nicole (USA)
  3. Gimenez Isis (VEN)
  4. Van Erven Garcia Saskia Loretta (COL)

Women’s individual foil results click here

Pan American Championships Individual men’s sabre

  1. Dershwitze Eli (USA)
  2. Homer Daryl (USA)
  3. Agresta Renzo (BRA)
  4. Spear Jeff (USA)

Men’s individual sabre results click here

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