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Veteran's Support Endowment

In 2012, International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing” incorporated the Specialized Fencing Veterans Support Endowment (the “VSE”) and funded it with USD 10,000,000. The return on the funds investment became available in 2014.

The VSE’s primary goal is to provide fencing veterans with medical assistance and to improve their conditions of living.

The VSE is currently allocating the annual return in accordance with the following priorities:

  • to provide fencing veterans with access to medical services (complete or partial financing of expensive treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, medication, etc.);
  • to provide fencing veterans with access to medical insurance (complete of partial financing of health insurance costs);
  • to materially support fencing veterans in complicated circumstances (e.g. in cases of lack of sufficient means for living, necessity to have their only home or vehicle repaired, and other similar cases).

Over a period of the last two years the VSE has received over 80 requests with supporting documents from National Fencing Federations and directly from fencing veterans. All those eligible to receive medical and social support have been rendered material assistance from the VSE.

With the purpose to improve social support of fencing veterans, the VSE is reaching out to the National Fencing Federations with a request to broadly inform the fencing veterans community about the VSE’s activities and capabilities.

Contact details for applications, inquiries and other correspondence:

Mr. Guennady Kiryanov

Executive Director

Specialized Fencing Veterans Support Endowment (the “VSE”)

Bld. 3, 28 Povarskaya st., 121069 Moscow, Russian Federation


phone: +7 916 560-39-53