ERRIGO Arianna


Personal Information

Family Husband Luca Simoncelli, twins Stefano and Mirea

Occupation Athlete

Languages Italian

License number 06061988000


World Cup1081533
Dallas (USA), 2009-06-21La Havane (CUBA), 2010-06-07Leipzig (GERMANY), 2009-02-21
Turin (ITALY), 2013-03-22Turin (ITALY), 2011-03-11Salzbourg (AUSTRIA), 2010-02-13
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2014-02-26St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2011-06-05Shanghai (CHINA), 2010-05-03
Shanghai (CHINA), 2014-05-02St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2012-06-03Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2012-02-10
Cancun (MEXICO), 2014-10-17Alger (ALGERIA), 2015-02-06Budapest (HUNGARY), 2012-03-23
St-Maur (FRANCE), 2014-11-07Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2015-05-01Budapest (HUNGARY), 2013-02-08
St-Maur (FRANCE), 2015-11-06Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2016-05-20Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2013-03-08
Gdansk (POLAND), 2016-01-15Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2017-04-28Shanghai (CHINA), 2013-05-03
Cancun (MEXICO), 2016-10-14Budapest (HUNGARY), 2014-02-07
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2019-11-22Turin (ITALY), 2014-03-21
Alger (ALGERIA), 2016-02-05
St-Maur (FRANCE), 2016-11-04
Alger (ALGERIA), 2017-01-13
Cancun (MEXICO), 2017-10-13
Katowice (POLAND), 2019-01-11
World Championship23510
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2013-08-05Paris (FRANCE), 2010-11-05Antalya (TÜRKIYE), 2009-10-01
Kazan (RUSSIA), 2014-07-16Le Caire (EGYPT), 2022-07-16Moscow (RUSSIA), 2015-07-15
Milan (ITALY), 2023-07-23Leipzig (GERMANY), 2017-07-19
Wuxi (CHINA), 2018-07-20
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2019-07-16
Zone Championships2237
TORUN (POLAND), 2016-06-21Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2018-06-17Plovdiv (BULGARIA), 2009-07-13
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2017-06-13Antalya (TÜRKIYE), 2022-06-17Legnano (ITALY), 2012-06-15
Montreux (SWITZERLAND), 2015-06-08
Grand Prix77721
Gdansk (POLAND), 2009-02-27Séoul (KOREA), 2009-05-15Gdansk (POLAND), 2011-02-25
Gdansk (POLAND), 2013-02-01St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2009-05-22Séoul (KOREA), 2012-05-19
Gdansk (POLAND), 2014-01-31Gdansk (POLAND), 2010-02-26Turin (ITALY), 2015-11-27
Marseille (FRANCE), 2014-05-23Séoul (KOREA), 2011-05-21Turin (ITALY), 2016-12-02
Turin (ITALY), 2014-11-28Marseille (FRANCE), 2012-04-28Long Beach, California (USA), 2017-03-17
La Havane (CUBA), 2016-03-11Séoul (KOREA), 2014-04-26Turin (ITALY), 2017-12-01
Shanghai (CHINA), 2016-06-03Cancun (MEXICO), 2017-12-15Shanghai (CHINA), 2019-05-17
Olympic Games-1-1
Londres (GREAT BRITAIN), 2012-07-28

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing at age six at a club in Monza, Italy.

Why this sport? Her mother took her to a fencing club and she fell in love with the sport.

Handedness Left

General Interest

Nicknames TsunAri [a play on the word 'tsunami']. (dire.it, 29 Jul 2021; ariannaerrigo.it, 19 Jun 2017)

Hobbies Surfing, cooking, relaxing on the sofa with her dogs. (Instagram profile, 07 Jun 2023; dire.it, 29 Jul 2021; vanityfair.it, 02 May 2019)

Injuries In October 2020 she missed out on a training camp with the Italian national team after testing positive for COVID-19. (sportface.it, 02 Nov 2020; repubblica.it, 20 Oct 2020)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Dare to do it, because everybody can quit." (vanityfair.it, 02 May 2019)

Awards and honours She received the Golden Necklace of Sports Merit in 2012 in Italy. (newsmondo.it, 06 Jun 2018)

Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. luce.lanazione.it, 29 Dec 2022)

Other information DUAL DISCIPLINE
After the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro she began competing internationally in the sabre discipline in addition to foil. "I believe that the sabre can help me a lot with the foil. I've completely changed my training as the two weapons are completely different. Sabre competitions are very fast-paced, with very fast attacks and little time between attacks. The pace is very quick, which I am not used to. It's not easy to mentally get into the match that quickly and to stay focused when everything happens so fast. But I like it, it's exciting." (corriere.it, 23 May 2020; olympicchannel.com, 01 Aug 2017; FIE YouTube channel, 28 Mar 2017)


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