Personal Information

Family Wife Ludovica, daughter Nina [2017], son Dani [2020]

Residence 's-Hertogenbosch, NED

Occupation Athlete, Businessperson, Police Officer

Languages Dutch, English, German

Higher education Economics - Saxion University: Enschede, NED

License number 01101983000


World Cup56617
Téhéran (IRAN), 2005-07-16Vancouver (CANADA), 2005-07-08Tallin (ESTONIA), 2005-05-21
Cali (COLOMBIA), 2008-06-14Kish Island (IRAN), 2007-01-12Téhéran (IRAN), 2006-07-15
Kish Island (IRAN), 2009-01-10Heidenheim (GERMANY), 2010-03-26Legnano (ITALY), 2007-02-02
Berne (SWITZERLAND), 2015-10-23Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA), 2010-06-26Tallin (ESTONIA), 2009-02-14
Vancouver (CANADA), 2020-02-07Tallin (ESTONIA), 2014-02-21Tallin (ESTONIA), 2011-03-04
Berne (SWITZERLAND), 2018-11-23Paris (FRANCE), 2018-05-11
World Championship-112
Catania (ITALY), 2011-10-09Leipzig (GERMANY), 2005-10-08
Zone Championships-1-1
Sheffield (GREAT BRITAIN), 2011-07-14
Grand Prix--55
Bogota (COLOMBIA), 2003-03-28
Paris (FRANCE), 2007-05-11
Koweit City (KUWAIT), 2008-01-25
Doha (QATAR), 2012-02-10
Doha (QATAR), 2015-12-04
Dublin (IRELAND), 2015-11-28

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing at age five at his father's fencing club in Heesch, Netherlands. He learned both foil and epee until age 12, at which point he decided to focus solely on epee.

Why this sport? His father Roel was a fencer, as well as the owner and coach of his first club.

Club / Team Schermclub Den Bosch: Netherlands

Name of coach Roel Verwijlen [personal, father], NED, from 2015; Alexandre Buysens [personal], FRA, from 2016; Justin Tausig [personal], USA

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Ipe, Bassino (Athlete, 19 Jul 2021)

Memorable sporting achievement Qualifying for four consecutive editions of the Olympic Games between 2008 and 2020. (Athlete, 19 Jul 2021)

Most influential person in career His parents. (Athlete, 19 Jul 2021)

Injuries He suffered a knee injury in mid-2015. (bd.nl, 02 May 2015)

He competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in London with an injured ankle. (volkskrant.nl, 29 Dec 2012)

He has suffered from knee problems and broken ribs during his career. (vlaamseschermbond.be, 01 Dec 2008)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Focus on the next touch." (Athlete, 19 Jul 2021)

Awards and honours He was named Male Athlete of the Year in both 2005 and 2011 at the Sports Gala in Oss, Netherlands. (rksvmargriet.nl, 15 Jan 2014; knas.nl, 2005)

Famous relatives His wife Ludovica Tucci has represented Italy in fencing, and finished third in individual epee at the Dutch championships in 2015 and 2016. His father Roel has served as a coach for the Dutch national fencing team. (SportsDeskOnline, 12 Jul 2018; Instagram profile, 29 Dec 2017; brabantsdagblad.nl, 15 Nov 2010)

Ambitions To win a medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (dtvnieuws.nl, 31 Mar 2021)

Other information OCCUPATION
He works full-time as a recruiter for the Dutch police service. (volkskrant.nl, 09 Apr 2021; LinkedIn profile, 01 Feb 2019)

He served as a commentator for European television network Eurosport during the 2017 World Championships in Leipzig, Germany. (Facebook page, 24 Jul 2017)


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