Personal Information

Occupation Athlete, Student

Languages Arabic, English

License number 03032003002


Zone Championships11-2
Casablanca (MOROCCO), 2022-06-15Cairo (EGYPT), 2023-06-19
Grand Prix--11
Cali (COLOMBIA), 2024-05-03
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2021-04-23

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing at age six in Tanta, Egypt.

Why this sport? "I loved the sport and it became a part of me. When you are fencing, you're free. You can express yourself in a different way."

Club / Team Long Island University: United States

Name of coach Ivan Lee [club], USA; Sandro Cuomo [national], ITA; Sayed Samy [national, father]

General Interest

Most influential person in career His family. (english.ahram.org.eg, 09 Sep 2021)

Hero / Idol Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, US basketball player Kobe Bryant. (Athlete, 26 May 2021)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Being yourself is the best thing you can do." (Facebook page, 07 May 2021)

Awards and honours He received the International Fencing Federation [FIE] annual award for the top-ranked junior men's epee fencer in the world for 2022/23. (FIE Facebook page, 26 Nov 2023; Facebook page, 26 Nov 2023)

In 2023 he was named Best Male Athlete of the Year and Male Fencing Team Most Valuable Player [MVP] by Long Island University in the United States of America. (Facebook profile, 14 Jun 2023)

In 2022 he was presented with the First Class Sports Medal in Egypt. (Facebook page, 16 Sep 2022)

Famous relatives His older brother Ahmed has represented Egypt in fencing and competed at the world championships in 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. His father Samy has served as a coach with the Egyptian national fencing team. (SportsDeskOnline, 08 May 2024; Fencing Flash Back Facebook page, 13 Mar 2022; english.ahram.org.eg, 09 Sep 2021; elmal3b.com, 15 Feb 2021; Instagram profile, 13 Jul 2020)

Ambitions To win a medal at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (english.ahram.org.eg, 09 Sep 2021)


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