Personal Information

Family Wife Sissi Albini

Residence Brescia, ITA

Occupation Athlete, Coach

Languages English, Italian

Higher education Sports Science - University of Brescia: Italy

License number 03011984003


World Cup1713737
La Coruña (SPAIN), 2003-02-14Bonn (GERMANY), 2003-05-10Bonn (GERMANY), 2004-05-08
Zalaegerszeg (HUNGARY), 2003-03-22La Coruna (SPAIN), 2004-02-13Bonn (GERMANY), 2005-05-07
La Havane (CUBA), 2004-06-21Copenhague (DENMARK), 2005-01-15La Coruña (SPAIN), 2007-02-03
Copenhague (DENMARK), 2006-01-14Séoul (KOREA), 2006-02-25Montréal (CANADA), 2008-05-29
Venise (ITALY), 2006-02-10Venise (ITALY), 2008-02-15Tokyo (JAPAN), 2014-11-07
Tokyo (JAPAN), 2008-05-10Estado Vargas (VENEZUELA), 2009-06-12Le Caire (EGYPT), 2016-10-21
Sharm El Sheikh (EGYPT), 2010-03-20Bonn (GERMANY), 2013-03-22Bonn (GERMANY), 2019-11-08
La Havane (CUBA), 2010-06-03Paris (FRANCE), 2014-01-17
La Coruña (SPAIN), 2011-02-18St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2015-05-01
La Havane (CUBA), 2011-06-17St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2017-05-05
Paris (FRANCE), 2012-01-27Tokyo (JAPAN), 2017-11-10
La Coruña (SPAIN), 2012-02-17Bonn (GERMANY), 2018-11-09
Séoul (KOREA), 2012-05-18Le Caire (EGYPT), 2020-02-21
Séoul (KOREA), 2013-04-26
Bonn (GERMANY), 2014-03-21
Bonn (GERMANY), 2015-02-06
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2019-05-03
World Championship1-12
Catania (ITALY), 2011-10-10La Havane (CUBA), 2003-10-07
Zone Championships21-3
Kiev (UKRAINE), 2008-07-04Sheffield (GREAT BRITAIN), 2011-07-14
Montreux (SWITZERLAND), 2015-06-05
Grand Prix116623
St-Petersburg (RUSSIA), 2004-03-27Shanghai (CHINA), 2003-03-01Shanghai (CHINA), 2004-03-07
Espinho (PORTUGAL), 2004-05-14Paris (FRANCE), 2006-01-27Ile de Margarita (VENEZUELA), 2004-07-03
Shanghai (CHINA), 2006-03-03St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2007-03-09Le Caire (EGYPT), 2005-03-18
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2006-03-17Le Caire (EGYPT), 2007-05-25Venise (ITALY), 2010-02-19
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2006-04-28St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2011-06-03Shanghai (CHINA), 2011-05-09
Shanghai (CHINA), 2007-05-11Anaheim, California (USA), 2018-03-16Shanghai (CHINA), 2018-05-19
Shanghai (CHINA), 2008-05-02
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2009-05-25
Shanghai (CHINA), 2010-04-30
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2012-06-01
Venise (ITALY), 2013-03-16
Olympic Games--11
Athenes (GREECE), 2004-08-16
Aqaba (JORDAN), 2004-01-15

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He first tried the sport at age five.

Why this sport? He began fencing at his local club because it was close to his house.

Club / Team CS Carabinieri: Italy

Name of coach Eugenio Migliore [national]

Handedness Left

General Interest

Hobbies Sports, food, spending time with his dog. (Instagram profile, 15 Jun 2017)

Injuries He was diagnosed with tennis elbow in 2015 and was unable to compete during the first half of the 2015/16 season. (nuovavenezia.gelocal.it, 03 Feb 2016; oasport.it, 14 Jan 2016)

He injured his right ankle during the quarterfinal of the 2013 World Cup event in Tokyo, Japan, and was forced to retire from the match. (agi.it, 05 May 2013)

Sporting philosophy / motto "There was a time in which everything was new. Then I became used to it. Now I live and enjoy every moment." (giornaledibrescia.it, 22 Jun 2018)

Awards and honours He received the Collare d'Oro from the Italian Olympic Committee [CONI] in 2003, 2015, 2017 and 2018. (coni.it, 01 Jun 2018)

He was named Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2004. (quirinale.it, 12 Apr 2011)

Famous relatives His wife Sissi [Elisa] Albini has represented Great Britain in fencing. She was part of the national squad that was ranked 14th in team epee at the 2011 World Championships in Catania, Italy. (SportsDeskOnline, 21 Jun 2017; Facebook profile, 12 Mar 2017; brescia.corriere.it, 28 Jan 2015)

Ambitions To win a medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (bergamo.corriere.it, 04 Feb 2017)

Other information OTHER ACTIVITIES
He has worked as sporting director of the Bergamasca Scherma club in Bergamo, Italy. He is also coach at the Scherma Brescia club, which was founded by his family in 1987. (bergamonews.it, 05 May 2019; bergamascascherma.it, 01 Nov 2018; ecodibergamo.it, 28 Jul 2018; bresciatoday.it, 17 May 2018)


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