Personal Information

Family Twin children Maja Magdolna and Levente Gyozo [2019]

Occupation Athlete

Languages English, Hungarian

License number 07091982003


World Cup75618
Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2007-03-03Moedling (AUSTRIA), 2004-05-01Sydney (AUSTRALIA), 2011-06-24
Sydney (AUSTRALIA), 2007-05-26Legnano (ITALY), 2004-05-14Leipzig (GERMANY), 2014-02-07
Prague (CZECHIA), 2008-01-26Barcelone (SPAIN), 2008-02-16Legnano (ITALY), 2014-10-24
Tauberbischofsheim (GERMANY), 2009-03-07St-Maur (FRANCE), 2013-03-01Legnano (ITALY), 2015-10-23
Luxembourg (LUXEMBOURG), 2010-03-27Rio de Janeiro (BRAZIL), 2014-05-16Barcelone (SPAIN), 2017-01-20
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2014-03-07Tallin (ESTONIA), 2017-10-20
Xuzhou (CHINA), 2014-11-14
World Championship-123
Paris (FRANCE), 2010-11-04Turin (ITALY), 2006-10-02
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2013-08-05
Zone Championships--44
Zagreb (CROATIA), 2013-06-16
Montreux (SWITZERLAND), 2015-06-06
TORUN (POLAND), 2016-06-22
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2017-06-15
Grand Prix55717
La Havane (CUBA), 2006-06-16Budapest (HUNGARY), 2007-01-19Barcelone (SPAIN), 2006-05-12
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2008-01-18Rome (ITALY), 2007-02-09Budapeste (HUNGARY), 2009-01-16
Rome (ITALY), 2009-02-06Doha (QATAR), 2010-01-23Saint-Maur (FRANCE), 2010-02-19
Bogota (COLOMBIA), 2017-05-26Montréal (CANADA), 2010-05-28Nankin (CHINA), 2011-06-11
Cali (COLOMBIA), 2018-05-25La Havane (CUBA), 2013-05-23Budapest (HUNGARY), 2012-02-25
La Havane (CUBA), 2014-05-22
Doha (QATAR), 2014-12-06
Olympic Games1--1
Rio de Janeiro (BRAZIL), 2016-08-06
Belgrade (SERBIA), 2010-10-10

Sport Specific Information

Club / Team Vasas SC: Budapest, HUN

Name of coach Andras Peterdi [personal], HUN, from 2019

Handedness Left

General Interest

Most influential person in career Coach Gyozo Kulcsar. (infostart.hu, 11 Oct 2018)

Injuries She was affected by a series of minor injuries in the early part of 2019. (origo.hu, 16 Jan 2019)

She underwent elbow surgery in January 2015. She returned to competition two months later. (molcsapat.hu, 10 Mar 2015)

She suffered an elbow injury that required surgery in 2011. She has also torn a ligament in her ankle during her career. (olimpia.origo.hu, 30 Jul 2012; hvg.hu, 23 Apr 2012)

Ambitions To win a gold medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (infostart.hu, 01 Jul 2020)

Other information COACH'S PASSING
Her longtime coach Gyozo Kulcsar, who guided her to gold at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, died in 2018. In agreement with the Hungarian Fencing Federation and her club, she took some time away from competition to mourn his death. The pair had worked together for nearly two decades and were described as having a father-daughter relationship. "The 17 years we spent together, through good times and bad, are memories that I will always cherish." (infostart.hu, 11 Oct 2018; blikk.hu, 11 Oct 2018)

After taking some time away from fencing in 2018 following the death of her coach Gyozo Kulcsar, she became a mother for the first time the following year after giving birth to twins in August 2019. "It was not a secret that we were also trying to have children. The good news came in December [2018]. After the loss of our master [Kulcsar] we received a little miracle. So life gives to us with one hand, and takes away with the other. I was unsure if I would continue after the Tokyo Olympics, but when it turned out to be postponed to 2021, it was clear that I would be fighting for another full season. Once I've gotten into this, I'm not going to stop." (magyarnemzet.hu, 31 Oct 2020; infostart.hu, 01 Jul 2020, 28 Feb 2019; index.hu, 28 Feb 2019)


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