Personal Information

Family Two sons

Residence Godollo, HUN

Languages English, Hungarian

Higher education Management - Corvinus University of Economics: Budapest, HUN

World Cup-112
Madrid (SPAIN), 2014-02-07Varsovie (POLAND), 2017-02-24
Zone Championships--11
Strasbourg (FRANCE), 2014-06-07
Grand Prix--11
Cancun (MEXICO), 2016-12-16
Copenhague (DENMARK), 2012-01-14

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He first tried fencing at age three at the GEAC club in Godollo, Hungary.

Why this sport? There were a number of fencers in his family, particularly his father and his uncle. "At the age of three or four, I would spend most of my day in the fencing hall with my father. Why the sabre? Actually, it wasn't a choice, it was a given. Later, when I was seven or eight years old, I could have chosen another weapon, but I didn't feel the urge to switch."

Club / Team Vivoszakosztaly Fencing Club of Godollo [GEAC]: Hungary

Name of coach Andras Decsi [national]; Jozsef Navarrete [personal], HUN

Handedness Right

General Interest

Hobbies Football, watching movies. (hosszabbitas.hu, 22 Mar 2017)

Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in team sabre at the 2018 European Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia. (szolgalat.com, 03 Dec 2018)

Injuries Speaking in 2017, he said that injury had affected his performances in 2015 and 2016. (eurosport.hosszabbita.hu, 17 Mar 2017; haon.hu, 28 Feb 2017)

Sporting philosophy / motto "I used to say fencing was 80% mental and 20% physical. But nowadays I think it is more 70% mental and 30% physical. Fencing has become more dynamic, and physical conditioning is becoming more important." (eurosport.hosszabbita.hu, 17 Mar 2017)

Famous relatives His brothers Bence and Huba have represented Hungary in fencing. His uncle Gyorgy Gemesi also competed in the sport at international level, and since retiring from competition in the 1990s has served as vice president of the Hungarian Fencing Association and the Hungarian Olympic Committee, as well as mayor of Godollo. (SportsDeskOnline, 24 Jun 2019; hosszabbitas.hu, 22 Mar 2017; utanpotlassport.hu, 20 Apr 2013; origo.hu, 2013)

Ambitions To win gold at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (hosszabbitas.hu, 22 Mar 2017)

Other information FENCING FAMILY
He comes from a large family of fencers and has always represented the GEAC club in Godollo, Hungary. "I became a fencer because I had no other option. The whole family fenced, especially my uncle and my father. My younger siblings grew up watching us train, so they naturally became interested in the sport too. Most of them have stopped, though. I have always been at the GEAC club since a very young age, only my coaches changed. Sandor Batizi was my first coach, but as a child I was mostly trained by Laszlo Subert. After that, Gergely Bokor became my coach and then Jozsef Navarrete. I have a strong attachment to GEAC, as long as I fence I will only represent GEAC." (szolgalat.com, 03 Dec 2018; eurosport.hosszabbita.hu, 17 Mar 2017; nemzetisport.hu, 20 Feb 2012)


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