Personal Information

Family Two children

Languages Hungarian

Higher education Law - KRE-AJK Law Academy: Budapest, HUN

License number 15101982001


World Cup42410
Bangkok (THAILAND), 2008-05-03Sofia (BULGARIA), 2006-05-26Bangkok (THAILAND), 2005-02-11
Padoue (ITALY), 2008-05-30Athènes (GREECE), 2009-01-31Kish Island (IRAN), 2008-01-12
Estado Vargas (VENEZUELA), 2009-06-14Athènes (GREECE), 2010-01-30
Kish Island (IRAN), 2010-01-09Isla de Margarita (VENEZUELA), 2010-06-13
World Championship--11
Antalya (TURKEY), 2009-10-02
Grand Prix-123
Plovdiv (BULGARIA), 2009-02-27Madrid (SPAIN), 2008-05-23
Moscow (RUSSIA), 2015-05-29
Alger (ALGERIA), 2005-04-30
Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS), 2013-11-09Gand (BELGIUM), 2012-10-20
Copenhague (DENMARK), 2014-01-04Helsinki (FINLAND), 2013-03-16
Gand (BELGIUM), 2013-10-19

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing at age 10.

Why this sport? His father and his older brother both competed in fencing, so he naturally followed them into the sport. "I first swam and then played tennis for four years - it was a huge passion. At the time my dad was fencing and my brother Andras had already begun. I was very impressed with the cups and medals that were brought home. There was no particular urge to get involved in the sport, but at age 10 I just took it up and it stuck with me."

Club / Team Kertvarosi Vivo Sport Egyesulet [KVSE]: Budapest, HUN

Name of coach Andras Decsi [national, brother], HUN; Istvan Decsi [father], HUN

Handedness Right

General Interest

Hobbies Playing tennis. (nemzetisport.hu, 23 Nov 2021)

Hero / Idol Hungarian fencers Bence Szabo and Aladar Gerevich. (index.hu, 10 Jun 2016)

Famous relatives His older brother Andras represented Hungary in fencing at the 2005 World Cup event in Bangkok, Thailand, and has since served as a Hungarian national team coach in the sport. Their father Istvan also competed in fencing, and has worked as a coach in Hungary. (utanpotlassport.hu, 25 Aug 2018; kertvarosivivas.hu, 08 Sep 2016; SportsDeskOnline, 25 Jun 2015; helyihirek.hu, 18 Feb 2009)

Other information FAMILY AFFAIR
His older brother Andras became his coach in 2015. In 2017 Andras was appointed head coach of the Hungary men's sabre team. The brothers' father, Istvan Decsi, founded the Kertvaros Fencing SE club in 2008 in Hungary, where both brothers have coached. Tamas has worn his hair in a ponytail as a tribute to his father, who also fenced in a ponytail, and has said that he does not feel pressure due to his family's involvement in the sport. "There is no extra pressure at all, on the contrary it [working with family] offers a lot of positive elements to build into my fencing." (blikk.hu, 18 Apr 2016; nemzetisport.hu, 27 Jan 2017; sosz.hu, 17 Aug 2017; borsonline.hu, 08 Jul 2016)

In 2018 he began studying sports law at Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary. (Facebook profile, 01 Jan 2019)


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