Personal Information

Residence Tokyo, JPN

Occupation Student

Languages Japanese

License number 28112001000


Zone Championships-112
Tokyo (Chiba) (JAPAN), 2019-06-15Seoul (KOREA), 2022-06-11

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing at age six and took up the sport seriously during the second grade of primary school.

Why this sport? Her parents both competed in the sport and she would often go to the training venue where her father coached.

Club / Team Chuo University: Tokyo, JPN

Name of coach Takashi Tomita [club], JPN; Franck Boidin [national], FRA

Handedness Right

General Interest

Hobbies Watching baseball. (hochi.news, 30 Jul 2021)

Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in individual foil at the 2018 World Junior Championships in Verona, Italy. (sports.yahoo.co.jp, 28 May 2019)

Hero / Idol Japanese fencer Yuki Ota, Japanese baseball player Shohei Ohtani. (hochi.news, 30 Jul 2021; chunichi.co.jp, 01 Feb 2019)

Injuries In March 2021 she underwent surgery on her hip. She returned to competition in May that year. (hochi.news, 30 Jul 2021)

In January 2021 she was troubled by a sprain to her right ankle and shin splints in her left leg. (hochi.news, 09 Jan 2021)

In 2019 she suffered an injury to her right leg that prevented her from training or competing for a month. (nishinippon.co.jp, 01 Jun 2020)

Sporting philosophy / motto "The more difficulties you have, the more you need to stay calm." (chunichi.co.jp, 01 Feb 2019)

Awards and honours In 2019 she received the International Award at the Oita Godo Shinbun Sports Awards in Japan. (oita-press.co.jp, 08 Mar 2019)

She was presented with the New Face Award at the 2018 Japanese Olympic Committee [JOC] Sports Awards. (seisa.ed.jp, 01 Apr 2019)

Famous relatives Her parents both competed in fencing at the National Sports Festival of Japan. Her older brother Yuto has competed in the sport at international level and represented Japan in fencing at the world junior championships in 2018 and 2019. (SportsDeskOnline, 05 May 2021; fie.org, 01 Jun 2021; nishinippon.co.jp, 01 Jun 2020; chunichi.co.jp, 01 Feb 2019; sanspo.com, 07 Dec 2018)

Ambitions To win gold at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (chuo-u.ac.jp, 24 Dec 2021)

Other information INSPIRED BY BROTHER
She believes that training with her older brother Yuto from a young age is responsible for her attacking style. "It's often said that I fence like a man, because I'm good at attacking and defending using fast movements. It's my personality to move violently back and forth like a man. I hate to lose so much that I used to really fight against my brother and it's thanks to him that I've been able to fence as fast as a man. If I stop, I can never win, so I just want to move and confuse the other person." (tokyo2020.org, 08 Apr 2021; number.bunshun.jp, 28 Dec 2020; nishinippon.co.jp, 01 Jun 2020)


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