Personal Information

Residence Moscow, RUS

Occupation Armed Forces Athlete

Languages English, French, Russian

Higher education Sports Management - Moscow International Academy: Russia

License number 26111998002


World Cup-2-2
Sint-Niklaas (BELGIUM), 2019-03-22
Orléans (FRANCE), 2019-11-22
Grand Prix-1-1
Montreal (CANADA), 2020-01-10

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She took up the sport in 2007 in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Why this sport? "I did figure skating but had to give it up. I didn't want to abandon sports, so I looked for another sport and chose fencing."

Club / Team Central Sports Army Club [RUS] / Moscow Sports School of Olympic Reserve No.42 [RUS]:

Name of coach Anzor Gagulashvili [personal], RUS, from 2007

Handedness Right

International Debut

Year 2016

Competing for Russia

General Interest

Nicknames Olya, Lyolya Alzhanna (rusfencing.ru, 03 Nov 2021)

Hobbies Studying languages, playing the piano. (rusfencing.ru, 03 Nov 2021)

Most influential person in career Coach Anzor Gagulashvili, and her parents. (Athlete, 07 Jul 2018)

Hero / Idol Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. (Athlete, 07 Jul 2018)

Injuries In 2014 she was taken to intensive care due to pneumonia and spent three weeks at hospital. It took her several months to recover. (srsly.ru, 28 Sep 2020)

Awards and honours In recognition of her achievements at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she received the Order of Friendship from the president of the Russian Federation. (kremlin.ru, 11 Aug 2021)

In 2020 she received the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (minsport.gov.ru, 03 Mar 2020)


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