Personal Information

Family Husband Evgeny Lomtev

Residence Kazan, RUS

Occupation Athlete, Student

Languages Russian

Higher education Accounting - Kazan Cooperative Institute: Russia

License number 01121998000


Grand Prix-112
Long Beach, California (USA), 2017-03-17Doha (QATAR), 2021-03-26
Tashkent (UZBEKISTAN), 2019-09-06

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She took up the sport in 2006 in Kazan, Russian Federation.

Why this sport? "Our physical education lessons at school were held in the same gym where fencers trained. My future coach Elena Prokhorova noticed me with my classmates in the corridor. We were going crazy and running. She scolded us a little, got us into a row and then invited us to a training session. I thought, 'Why not give it a try?'"

Club / Team Dynamo Tatarstan [RUS] / Kazan Republican Fencing Sports School of Olympic Reserve [RUS]:

Name of coach Artur Akhmatkhuzin [personal], RUS, from 2019

Handedness Right

International Debut

Year 2015

Competing for Russia

Tournament World Cup

Location Cancún, MEX

General Interest

Hobbies Reading, playing checkers and chess, dancing. (Athlete, 07 Jun 2019)

Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in team foil at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (business-gazeta.ru, 06 Aug 2021)

Most influential person in career Coaches Artur Akhmatkhuzin and Elena Prokhorova. (Athlete, 05 Jul 2017)

Hero / Idol Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut. (Athlete, 05 Jul 2017)

Injuries She twisted her left ankle during the first of her three bouts in the women's team foil final against France at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. As the Russian Olympic Committee [ROC] team had run out of substitutions, she had to continue competing after receiving medical attention and eventually won a gold medal with her teammates. She left the competition venue in a wheelchair. (business-gazeta.ru, 06 Aug 2021)

Awards and honours In recognition of the gold medal she won at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she received the Order of Friendship and the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. She also received the title of Honorary Citizen in Kazan, Russian Federation. (kzn.ru, 16 Aug 2021; kremlin.ru, 11 Aug 2021; minsport.gov.ru, 30 Jul 2021)

Famous relatives Her husband Evgeny Lomtev has competed in foil fencing at national level in the Russian Federation and has received the title of Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (minsport.gov.ru, 29 Dec 2021)

Ambitions To win a medal at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (business-gazeta.ru, 06 Aug 2021)

Other information FURTHER EDUCATION
She has studied at Smolensk State University of Sport and TISBI University of Management in Kazan, Russian Federation. (TISBI University of Management VK page, 04 Mar 2022; business-gazeta.ru, 06 Aug 2021)


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