Personal Information

Residence Busan, KOR

Occupation Athlete

Languages Korean

Higher education Physical Education - International University of Korea: Jinju, KOR

License number 06091993005


World Cup1-23
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2022-02-11Suzhou (CHINA), 2016-11-11
Tallin (ESTONIA), 2022-11-11
World Championship1--1
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2022-07-15
Grand Prix-112
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2020-03-06Le Caire (EGYPT), 2022-04-29

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing at junior high school in Geumsan County, Republic of Korea.

Why this sport? Her physical education teacher suggested the sport to her.

Club / Team Busan Metropolitan City Hall: Korea

Name of coach Kim Sung-Geun [club], KOR; Chang Tae-Suk [national], KOR

Handedness Left

International Debut

Year 2014

Competing for Korea

Tournament World Cup

Location Doha, QAT

General Interest

Most influential person in career Coach Chang Tae-Suk and her parents. (Uni-Bro Global Media Center YouTube channel, 04 Jul 2015)

Hero / Idol Korean fencer Park Se-Ra. (Uni-Bro Global Media Center YouTube channel, 04 Jul 2015)

Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs She eats half a bowl of rice for breakfast on the day of competition. "I feel like I can't play well if I eat more than one bowl." (Uni-Bro Global Media Center YouTube channel, 04 Jul 2015)

Awards and honours In 2021 she was given an Excellence Award by the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee. (Instagram profile, 23 Feb 2021)

She received an Excellence Award at the 2013 Jinju City Night of Athletes in the Republic of Korea. (gnnews.co.kr, 26 Dec 2013)

Famous relatives Her younger sister has competed in fencing for the International University of Korea. (joongang.co.kr, 28 Jul 2021)


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